Thursday, February 28, 2008 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

Life keeps on happening as we make our plans

When last we left our intrepid herione, she had left off the retelling of her days somewhere around last Saturday.

You may have seen in the comments that for my video game afternoon, no one showed up.

What if you threw a party and no one came?

I found out near the end that there was a big HUGE basketball game that the local school was involved in and everyone in the county went to go see it. It’s okay though, the girls and I had an okay time. I familiarized myself with the club, set things up, washed things down, made snacks and read over all the book titles, scoring a few to bring home. (They have a lending library) I did do a couple of race games on the Playstation with Emma.

Sarah and Meaghan got out the darts and somehow Meaghan managed to stab herself in the forehead with one, so then they decided to sit in the sun and read.

After that, we went home.

On Sunday, we did our usual Sunday things (yes, it includes work of some sort) and eventually I got ready to go to a club meeting. I had left it too late and Ron confirmed that yes, I’d better wash my hair. I had ten minutes before the meeting started just down the road. I can see the place from my house, and it was warm out, so I didn’t even have to run the car long.

I set out to wash my hair in the kitchen sink and somewhere between the soaping up and the rinsing off, my hand reached out to the single-lever faucet and it came off. My loving adoring husband, instead of helping me try to replace it one-handed with soap all over my head, instead chose to lay on the kitchen floor because he was laughing so hard. Sarah came in to see what was going on and she was no help either.

Somehow I got to the meeting soap-free where nobody gave me heck for not having any kids show up. One guy there is the girl’s basketball coach, so he knew why and kinda felt bad. Maybe a little (they lost by 2 points in the last second of the game). He brought his kids and when I told his son, who looked about 10, what we did yesterday his eyes bugged out. When I asked him if I did this again would he like to go, his head practically nodded right off. So there.

And then I mentioned about how the community needs a website and we could sell ads on it to local businesses. They thought that was great, considering it’s no work for anyone else but me.

I’ve been shuffling around work, life, emails and clients since then. Oh, and keeping an eye on the old pellet stove, which hasn’t acted up once. Then again, we haven’t put it any higher than 3 and that’s just for a little while. We mostly run it on 2.

There was also Tuesday’s fun theme giveaway, but I want to write about that next entry. 😀

Lest you think I am one of those women who manages to do it all, I can assure that’s not true. We had a lot of leftovers this week, and there was (until last night) 4 loads of clean unfolded laundry on the futon. And I can’t see the top of my desk or the floor in the living room. Yesterday, I forgot to eat lunch until 2pm. As for homeschooling, we unschool. Most of the time, I know what Emma’s learned as she chatters information from every single item she learned about on Discovery Kids or from her books, all on repeat at top volume, while I dig myself further under the covers for our nightime snuggle.

This is my brain dump, to catch you up. I’ll hit publish, go refill my tea mug, and then come back and sort emails, picking something to start with first. Probably whatever’s urgent or whatever’s waited the longest.


  1. Ah, man. We would’ve come! My son is always looking for someone to play video games with him, but it’s kind of hard to share a keyboard. 🙂