Well. With all the rain and even snow people to the north and west of us got, it is working its way here down the river systems. We don’t even watch the news and we still find out, partly because everyone’s talking about it and Ron saw some on the way home. We went upriver a bit to check it out and the roads are blocked up in Bristol. People have to go upriver on the opposite side, cross there, and drive down again. I heard one lady say it takes an extra 45 minutes.

Also, Fredericton is flooded downtown. Remember I mentioned in a previous post that Addison & Kaytlyn were moving? Guess where they’re moving to? 😀 I do know the area they’re at is higher than the river.

I’ve also been looking up some great shots on Flickr and here.

From the news and here.

While it floods a bit from time to time, and the water rises normally this time of year, this is the worst it’s been in a while. Pretty much everywhere. Except where I am. 😉 The fields are a little wet but that’s it.

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  1. I thought of you when I heard the news earlier today. Apparently 400 households have registered with teh Red Cross as leaving their homes. But I thought you were probably on higher ground. Hope A & K are okay.

  2. Flying back in to Quebec last Saturday I noticed that there was quite a bit of flooding on the St. Lawrence to the west of here as well. No worries about flooding where I’m staying, though, as I’m in the upper part of Vieux Quebec.

  3. We fared fine – and shockingly enough, so did Mum. There is not a DROP of water in the tea shop, despite the fact that five hundred meters away Regent Street disappears into the river.

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