Wednesday, June 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

Another entry from Sarah

So we haven’t been having a lot of adventures around here lately. Well, we went to the grocery store yesterday, but most people probably wouldn’t find that terribly exciting. While we were driving there, Mom asked me if we were going to go find some “hot guys.” That was somewhat frightening, So I got her back by saying “So, you want me to blog about this, right?”

(I’d like to note that you come home with so much less groceries if you only buy what’s on the list.)

I had been meaning to post another entry sooner, but haven’t because of the lack of things to update (Monday: Got dressed today. Good times. That’s all), and partly because I’ve been playing far too much of a games called Empire Earth. It’s pretty entertaining, though the first/second Age Of Empires game still has to be my favorite. The one thing I like about this is you can build robots. ROBOTS! They shoot lasers. It’s pretty spectacular.

Some may think playing games is a waste of time, but I figure that once I get a job this summer, from then until I retire I’ll be working or at school for most of the time, so I’m enjoying being a lazy bum while I still can. Because really, mostly what I do is read books, play computer games and surf the internet. I will probably still be doing these things whenever I’m in school/working, just less of them, and I probably won’t be able to do all three things in the space of a day. so I figure I might as well fill my boots while I can.

Since this entry isn’t terribly entertaining, I pulled out a TV show idea from my evil plans folder:

“I was listening to The Tragically Hip while I was playing cards on the computer, and I got a brilliant idea for a TV show! “Everybody loves Gordy”. I’ve heard that a lot of people think that if you’re Canadian, you like The Hip.. Not everyone does, but a lot of people do. Everybody loves Gordy. Hmm.. it’d involve beer, we know that. Drinking beer and eating poutine, surrounded by old fridges. In an igloo. An igloo park! YEAH! Like a trailer park, but with igloos. Chesterfields all over the lawn, too. Or, convert an old fridge into a couch and set it up so instead of cooling things, it’ll keep you nice and toasty. Make it with duct tape. I’ll make millions, who’s with me?


  1. It would seem the inmates have taken over the asylum ;).

    You are correct about being lazy though.

  2. Yes, yes they have.

  3. The inmates have been running the asylum in my house for quite a while. 🙂 The “Empire” games sound cool. Maybe I should steer my 9-year-old son toward them. (Hey — building robots is good!) I’d like to see him playing video games that involve something other than speeding and crashing cards and shooting stuff.

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