Monday, June 16, 2008 in all about me

When I am rich, part 2523

I recently upgraded the blgo software to WordPress 2.5. Yes, I know I said I hated the backend, but it kinda grew on me. I also wanted to use the Batch Categories plugin.

Only problem is, while I can filter entries by category, I can’t actually batch edit categories on entires, like you can in MovableType. I swear, that the only thing I miss about MT. If I am presented with a list of entries to edit, I should not have to go to each single entry and change one thing.

I also now have tags, but you don;t know it by reading the entires, but just by the inadequate sampling of some converted categories-to-tags in the sidebar tag cloud.

So. When I win a bajillion dollars, one thing I will do is hire myself a personal editor to read through my entire blog, correcting my spelling & grammer, categorize and tagging all my entries. Partly so I can find things later when I go looking for something. (Why yes, my blogs *is* my personal memory bank.)

I suspect I will make someone very wealthy.


  1. can’t you just do that directly in the database?
    I do that with my MT and I’m sure I did it with EE too, when I want to do things the interface doesn’t do.

    melanies last blog post..Looks like it’s not.

  2. oh! that commentluv is tres cool!! have to see if it comes in mt flavour 🙂

    melanies last blog post..Looks like it’s not.

  3. grammar 😉

    Rons last blog post..The Sound of Thunder [3]

  4. I too use my blog as my memory bank, which is good because the original issue one has some difficulties.

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