Hot days, food nights

Since it’s been suddenly so hot here, we’ve all been a bit more active at night than usual. And during the day, we’ve been sprawled on the couches watching a bit of the Food Network – the Canadian one, but we do get a lot of American shows. Doesn’t matter, we snark ’em all.

Like Paula Dean. I love her, Sarah can’t stand her, and we count the number of times she mentions a loved one. Can y’all tell me if southerners really do put that much butter on every single thing? Seriously, if we watch later today and she deep-fries a butter-mayo mixture wrapped in bacon I would not be in the least bit surprised.

But we pick on Canadians too. Like Chef at Home. Yesterday, he said flavour THIRTY-SIX times in one episode. Love his food, LOVE his kitchen in P.E.I., especially the pantry. But dude, back off on the “flavour” and the hand gestures. We DO love his cooking though.

We keep threatening to play non-alcoholic drinking games. Loser is the first one who has to run to the bathroom.

One of the most jaw-droppingly bad shows we ever saw was This Food, That Wine. I know people use phrases like “food porn” or “wine porn” to describe really vivid and excruciatingly detailed events, but in this show’s case, it really is like watching porn. The close-ups of mouths, the moans, the bow-chicka-wow-wah soundtrack. Complete with cheesy lines.

We also used to watch a lot of Ricardo and friends because he is hysterical. Probably unintentionally. Then they moved his time slot. Later at night we watch Restaurant Makeover, and we all love Igor the handyman. Maybe this is a sign of Canadian television, because I know if it were an American show, it wouldn’t be Igor with an eastern-European accent and he’d have huge muscles, a tan, white smiley teeth and tight tshirts.

Nah. Igor gets mad at the designer, yells at them, rolls his eyes and stomps off with a few BEEPS in heavily accented English. Usually wearing long sleeves, gloves, huge overalls and maybe a toque. After that, if we’re still up we might watch Iron Chef America. At the very least, Emma and I hang on long enough to find out the “secret” ingredient before we head up to bed.

Last night while we watched, the big girls had Iron Chef Lakeville, and they both made carrot soup in two variations. I think we have to judge later. One was creamy, one was more potato-ey.

My life is so hard. (Why yes, it IS nice to have two teenage daughters cooking in the kitchen without one bit of help or supervision from me.)

Did you see the one where Paula Deen made “bread pudding” with Krispy Kreme donuts instead of bread? I love sweets, but I think that might have been a bit much even for me!

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So basically what you’re saying is you watch three hours of TV and then eat a whole bunch of food?

Sounds. . . fun. And healthy

I’m with Sarah – can’t STAND Paula Dean. She’s too southern-sugary-sweet for me.

We love Emeril – do you guys get him? Bam!

And Iron Chef is fun – did you see the one where the secret ingredient was broccoli? Someone made broccoli ice cream. Shudder.

We don’t get Food Network anymore, and I miss it.

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First off – LOVE the new look.

As for butter/fat, IMO, southerners do use tons. I’m surprised to find that here in Quebec City the trend is similar. Forget poutine, how about frites avec mayonnaise (fries with mayo – delicious btw), or cream cheese on burgers? And yesterday I was surprised at a colleague who asked that the pizza people bring butter with the pizza. Why? To butter the crusts, of course. Hadn’t heard that one before, but then similar things are not unheard of in the US what with the various stuffed crust pizzas.

Only thing I watch on the food network (or rather youtube clips of the food net) is Bizarre Foods – Paul and I are *addicted* to Andrew Zimmern. (And speaking of good bizarre foods moments, you all MUST watch Paul Merton in China – all available on Google Video. Hilarious:

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People only cook with that much butter in the FAR south. Could you just imagine how much butter she would use if they came in blocks instead of sticks?!?!

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Listen, I read in the NY Times food section this week a feature article about fried MILK! I mean. . . is it a game to see who can fry something unimaginable just to see if it can be done?

Even so. . . who really eats this stuff??

Me, I prefer my food locally grown, healthy and tasty. Gourmet is fine — but make it real food please! Know what I mean???

Do you ever watch the Surreal Gourmet? I love him. His food is creative and I love the little silver trailer he drives around in to do his cooking.

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Yes, that much butter is real. Ever heard of the deep fried twinkie? No kidding. One foodie went to write an article just to trash it and was embarassed to admit it was gooood. Now you know why southern grannies are softy & huggable.

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