Thursday, July 31, 2008 in My mom drives me crazy

I am the worst daughter ever

So yesterday, I mean Tuesday – was my mom’s birthday and I completely forgot to at least call her. Not really forget, mostly I remembered at the wrong time to actually pick up the phone and call.

I mean, I did call on Sunday because she never called me like she does at 11am on Sunday mornings, so I humphed and fretted and broke down and dialed the phone (okay, pushed buttons) and when the call as answered it was not my mom but Carl telling me she had gone out shopping, the nerve of her, and when she called me back later she said Carl told her I was putting all the stuff she ever gave me into the dumpster so I said yes, yes I did.

Then Tuesday came in a flurry of activity because I had to make it at least look like I got some work done in the morning, and we all had to be ready to leave at lunch time and go down south to the big city, drop off Ron at the doctor’s, do some shopping meet up with A & K for dinner, head on home again, check on clients and answer a few emails, then zip back into the local town and head on to the fair because it was Loonie Night (all rides $1) in the spitting rain and darkening skies, with the big lure for me being all the pretty lights to take pictures of, then to fall into bed exhausted, tossing and turning in the humidity, only to get up and seemingly do it all over again, the phone ringing the emails flying, client emergencies, digging around servers, and going to my happy place, keeping insanely busy on the anniversary of my grandmother’s death where we just try not to think of it really, and then I remember I still haven’t called my mother let alone blogged and I remember I have a couple links to pass on to her anyway and might as well post them so here you go.

*whew* Yes, my days have been like that again. Again or still, I’m not sure.

So! Happy Birthday Week to my mom, who took the whole week off and is probably headed to my house right now to see if we’re okay.

Here’s a new blog I found that posts pictures and commentaries of cake disasters. I had to go read every single post, until I got to the one that started it all, which I know I sent my mom the link to when it hit the internet, and she had to call me and tell me how funny it was.

Also, because I have some real estate clients and I like the house market, I read this blog about really bad house listings. Especially the really bad pictures to go with them. (Good thing I read fast.)

Here’s to another year. Try not to pee while laughing.


  1. You are so out of the will! But for a small amount of fabric from your local quilt store, you can be back on the list. My favourite grandson remembered to email me birthday wishes, so I knew you were at least taling about me……love…Mom

  2. Happy Birthday, Dianne!

  3. OMG, the cake parody site is hilarious!I was just reading Freud Would Have a Field Day… so funny!

    BTW, I got your link from my BlogHer ads 😀

    merts last blog post..Ahhhh, there’s nothing like the smell of the great outdoors

  4. I forgot my mother’s birthday last year – completely forgot. I’d been thinking about it the week before, knowing her birthday was coming…and then just…missed it completely. She reminded me a week later! Gah! LOL….

    This year, I made sure it was written everywhere in the house. 😉

    Those both (cake and houses) sound like interesting links. 🙂

  5. You are more like the busiest daughter ever. Happy b-day to your ma! Can’t wait to see the cake disasters.

    kims last blog post..Collaboration

  6. And I thought that after a certain age some people didn’t want to be reminded that they were getting older. Or that sounds like a good excuse anyway 😉

    JoVEs last blog post..More Dickens related resources