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How Moms can make money online – part 3 – the people who can help you

I’m not going to sit here and type up a big list of famous people online or off, or tell you I “made it” through hard work and a little luck, because… ugh, that’s for feel-good self help books. In some senses, I’m still fumbling around like the rest of you, and I sure don’t feel like I’ve made it, but I DO feel like I am well on my way there.

So how’d I get here? Well, the “duh” answer is Ron, so we’ll go right beyond that. There’s a few people I know online who have given me a virtual butt-kicking, telling me I’m too hard on myself, I expect too much from myself and just lighten up already. I have even had this in real-life, and this morning as I wrote down a massively overwhelming to-do list with 26 broadly-labeled items I have to do before Christmas, JoVE‘s voice popped up in my head. And I laughed.

Why? Because a couple of years ago we met up, and as I confided some of our plans (which have bloomed to incredible proportions and possibilities), she told me two important things:

1. Charge more. I’m worth it.
2. Stop expecting to accomplish more in one day than most people try and do in a week.

And when I get too neurotic or angsty or worried or whatever, and I spill my guts all over someone’s email inbox, it’s my friends like Jo who tell me to smarten the heck up and just DO IT already, sheesh. Um. So THANKS! 😀

So list item one for you is your SUPPORT NETWORK. If you have close friends that support you and have been telling you the same things for years, listen to ’em. They’re smart.

Item two: there’s a whole pile of extremely intelligent, witty, caring and big-hearted women out there in the big online world. I happen to know some of them, and a few are even peripherally aware of my existence. Good thing for you, they have blogs with tons of free advice and things you can do.

Naomi at Itty Biz
Wendy at Sparkplugging
Kelly and Lynnette from Moms Mastermind

If you do nothing else, read Naomi’s blog. If the fact she swears bothers you, get over it for a short while. What she says on her site is worth millions. If you have some time and no money, read every post. You will not regret it. If you have less time and less money, start here.

And lastly, there’s you.

In the middle of last week’s acceptance speech from Obama, I turned to Ron and said, “Maybe now we’ve come to the end of the Age of Entitlement and are heading for the Age of Responsibility.” I have to say, it would be a nice shift.

At the end of the day, there’s you. Sure, there’s other issues you have to deal with, some thing you can’t change immediately, but there’s still a lot of things that YOU can DO. (and yes, I realize that’s quite ironic given I started talking about the size of my to-do list).

Money isn’t going to fall in your lap overnight. But you can start doing one or two small things today to start working towards that. Reading those blogs above (instead of fluff blogs for example) is a good start.

I keep thinking of my friend Lisa. She went though some devastating personal issues a few years ago. Today, she’s part owner in a HUGELY successful corporation. The last time I saw a picture of her, she was positively glowing. Why? Because she got out of bed one day, put on her big girl panties and her arse-kicking boots and made things happen.

So put on a fabulous pair of boots, even if it’s only in your mind, and get out there and make things happen. You can do it. 🙂 Go forth and be fabulous.

And with that, I have a list to chomp at.


  1. Getting to know you (and Ron) a little better… Nice to know inspired and inpiring folks! I have learned (as we all need to, at some point) that I needed to “just do it”, and that the people who truly care about me will stand behind me encouraging.

    It’s awfully daunting at first, but it gets easier with practice, as your self-confidence grows.

    I’m happy for you to have found what you love to do.
    Too many people slave away all their lives at things they hate.

    Keep on truckin’


  2. Not a mom, but great post. It’s inspiring for everyone. When the Age of Entitlement ends, maybe more people will begin realizing dreams are within their grasp.

    I’ll be using your advice to (hopefully) get to where you and other successful bloggers, writers, etc. are.


    Alans last blog post..Websites, Blogs and Newsletters

  3. It must be scary having my voice in your head. Glad it is saying useful things to you. 😉

    I like your point about responsibility. I think that is key. If I’m only earning this much it is because of choices I’ve made. And maybe those are good choices — like prioritizing spending time with the kids. But if that amount of money isn’t working, then maybe other choices need to be made. Or maybe something’s changed, like your kids getting older and not needing so much immediate attention, and you could make different choices.

    Also, all good things are scary. I don’t even remember who said that to me, but it was when I first started on my whole career change thing and I was applying for a really different job and … well it was scary. And whoever it was reminded me that the really good things are scary.

    Metaphorical fantastic boots… hmmm…

    JoVEs last blog post..Inspired

  4. Great advice! I’m enjoying this series- thanks!

  5. Really, really nice post and full of inspiration for me. Thanks.

    kims last blog post..Bobbing for compliments

  6. Thanks for the tips and the encouragement!

    Renaes last blog post..Making Memories