Getting closer, lots to do

You know, I think of stuff to write here and by the time I open the window, my words fly elsewhere.

And I’m craving cake because I keep reading about cake balls.

Today I have a site to finish up, laundry mountain to conquer, and a large pot of chowder to make for a supper at the hall. Plus the usual Satruday clean. Oh, and one more trip detail.

As far as the trip, you’ll probably hear more from me than ever, as I’ll have the laptop, a connection and probably some chunks of free time. I may also bring back my twitter posts just for while I’m gone, so you don’t have to check two places. Sheesh, with all the travelling it’s 5 days. I’m gonna miss my family.

Emma was asking about grades and what letter grade she’d get if she was in school. Hard to explain, that is. Then she said she should get an F, for Faaaantastic! She also asked about getting some math workbooks and doing those on a regular basis. Just because.

One of the other detail-oriented projects we’ve been slaving away at is getting Sarah into college. Guess what? IT WORKED! We got a big fat envelope in the mail yesterday.This is what she’s taking: Foundation in Visual Arts. And as long as that goes well, there’s a second year program she’s eying too. I am seething with jealousy, as I wanted to go to this college when I was her age. 😀 Yes, this is the same city where Addison & Kaytlyn live.

On the work front, after doing far too many late night and long hours and stressful projects, we’ve come to some recent clarity about what we want to do, where we’re going and – best part – how to get there. And I know it’ll work. No worries, both Ron & I are still continuing to work at home, it’s just a slight shift in focus.

This “vacation” of mine will be a good break to help get started on that.

A few words or more

You know what they say about pictures. I’ve been dumping some on Flickr. Hysterical.

– right after I posted my last post, I got a migraine so bad it wiped me out cold for a day, and then took two more to recover from.

– took a field trip to a potato chip factory. I’m a-goin’ back. SOON.

– travel plans for the conference in Chicago are firmed up. I got confirmation and everything, so it’s really real.

– been busy dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s. Also thinking about making my own font.

– I have a new idea every day and it’s tiring. But! Every other day I talk to fabulous people that can help me, as well as people *I* can help. That’s pretty darn fabulous right there. (except then I get into hyperfocus mode, work too hard for too many days in a row and then crash. See first point.)

– until I cleaned the living room within an inch of its life, and suffered a couple days of breathing issues from the dust. Bad enough it doesn’t make me good for much else, but no so bad as to qualify for an emergency. Weirdly enough, Buckley’s helps.

– my mom wants to know if it’ll kill ya to comment on her blog. I created a monster there, you know.

Wall-e wins an oscar

– is it bad, or does it make me a pushy mother if I upload Emma’s videos and stuff to youtube? last night while trying to get her into bed, she came up with an idea to make a video expressing her fanaticism for all things Pixar and things she’s like to talk to the directors about. Is it pushy if I help her with tips like “well, don’t forget to introduce yourself…”? 😀

That all came about becasue she was watching some of the Oscars with me. Show her an overview of filmmaking, and she starts getting ideas.

Rambly rambler

Well, let’s see what we did here lately…

Sarah worked an astonishing 4 whole hours yesterday, so when I picked her up we both went and got our hairs cut. Had a great time. Stylist listened to Emma chattering away and said, “She must keep you busy,” with that knowing look that said “Mmmm, and boy howdy I bet she does..”

Went to two Dollar Stores to buy a piece of cardboard that I was charged $3 for. There’s a homeschooling arts & crafts fair tomorrow evening and Emma is beside herself that I bought a *real* presentation board for *real* projects and everything! Today she taped up samples of her best artwork all over the board and did a neat job.

I also bought her the Dragonology book. I was going to buy it at Amazon, but it was nowehre to be found. At least not one in the same price range as the rest of the series. I was placing an order there anyway for some books for Sarah & Meaghan. (I got one too.)

Hmm, where was I? Did I mention last week I dyed Sarah’s hair red again? Looks especially gorgeous with her new haircut. Meaghan’s hair is down to her waist and she wants it cut too. She didn’t want to go to a salon though, because she just needs me to cut it straight across the bottom, just past her shoulders. Reon needs a buzz too, he’s shaggy. 😀

And I was almost thinking about waking up this morning when I heard the stove kick in, and a minute later two loud bangs. Thankfully, it was NOT the stove, but the transformer on the power line. Again. Two hours to get fixed, and then our internet was out or spotty the rest of the day.

Sometime next week we are going on a field trip to a potato chip factory. this makes me inordinately pleased.

Also, I helped someone on the phone with some relatively easy issues in WordPress. she hadn’t been able to find any answers up till now, and to almost all of her questions I say, “Oh yeah, I can fix there, here let me show you how to do this…” and suddenly she has opened up a bigger worlds in her blog.

I love my job those times.

I’m cooking potato scallop for supper. I started late, the mocrowave is still an issue for me in my head, but Ron is willing to wait for a late supper for the good stuff.

Excuse my typos. I’m typing like a blind monkey, my back hurts from leaning over the keyboard, FireFox won’t kick in the spellchecker half the time and I can’t see straight anymore. 🙂

I might have stood too close a time or two

I blew out the microwave. Again.

I mean, not on *purpose*, and the flames were a new experience. But, you know, burning wires never did smell good.

It’s been kind of weird going back to no microwave. I’m one of those big nuker-waver users, for more than just reheating. I actually cook with it. I heat up, I that, I defrost – it’s an integral part of my meal-planning.

So I’ve had to actually think a little harder about meals and the cooking thereof.

Oddly enough, this keep reminding me of the summer we started building our house. Addison was a toddler, Sarah was growing in my belly. And our house was not much more than a foundation. The walls went up, the roof went on, and in that frame we moved in.

One outlet.

Yeah, you read that right. I had a fridge and a microwave, initially downstairs in the basement / garage area. Eventually that was an office / store / wood stove area, but this is at the beginning. Our water was one gravity-fed hose from the well.

Hmm, or maybe we only had that one outlet right before we moved in. When we were sleeping in a tent in the yard because that was preferable to moving back in with my in-laws…

Ron got up every morning and drove the 45 minute commute to work, worked all day, drove the 45 minutes home, wolfed down some food and built the house at night. During the day I waddled after a small & active boy, tried to help out (when they LET ME) and generally made big plans with stars in my eyes.

And I got really really good at cooking an entire meal with a microwave and a toaster oven.

With hearts all over

We went to the hall to decorate for valentine’s day, just me and Emma and Meaghan. They’re having a pie and cake auction, and I opened my mouth and said decorations would be nice. So, you know, I had to decorate.


I don’t mind decorating, I like it actually. I enjoyed picking out the decorations, making use of $20 and the dollar store. I always used the think when I had kids that I’d decorate for every major AND minor holiday. I think I did for a while. It’s so much *effort* though. 😀 And as the kids got older, they didn’t really care of we put up shamrocks, hearts or pumpkins. And it’s ultimately for them…

Smile, it's Valentine's day

But, you know, if I’m doing to anyway, they’ll help. 😉 I’m glad they’re not all over my house. I can say that without compunction.

What about you? Do you decorate for minor holidays? And it was Groundhog Day earlier in the week – how do you decorate for THAT? (yes, we did have ground hog for supper.)

Oh it’s the weekend again

I went shopping. Partly I went shopping just because we could, and partly to leave the house. Also, Sarah had her first day off in 25 days. Yes, working two jobs means you never get a day off.

When I was younger and living at home, weekends we spent cleaning the house and then taking off and going shopping. And maybe visiting. Lately, I have been cleaning on Saturdays, maybe some shopping. Gotta work on the visiting part, but we’re miles from everyone and it’s the dead of winter.

Did I ever tell you that almost every woman in my family worked out of the home? My mom did, *her* mom did, and even though my other grandmother didn’t really, she sold World Book and Avon and was church secretary. She was never home, or always busy when she was. But Monday was always washday in her house. In mine, I try to toss in a load whenever I remember or the pile gets too big. Thankfully, (I think?) I’m the one with the least amount of clothes, so when I run out, that reminds me to do something about the laundry. Sarah and Meaghan do their own. Emma’s looking forward to when she’s tall enough.

(where was I? Oh yeah..)

So Saturday I cleaned. It drove me nuts, it always does. But my dining room? Hoo boy, it hasn’t been this clean since we took down the Christmas decorations. Also, what idiot invented flooring to hide dirt? I can barely tell when it’s dirty, the design is so terribly muddled. I want to rip off the vinyl flooring and install hardwood so bad it’s not funny.

Because, you know, if I mention it to Ron at just the right time, we’ll have it half ripped up and be walking over holes next Christmas. (Note to self: you still haven’t painted the kitchen. It’s been a year. But yes, I say, the ripped off wallpaper still looks better than what it did.)

I’m looking forward to spring, you know. January flew by, which is good in way, can’t get depressed about it then, so I’m hoping February does the same. I think. At least in a productive manner, how’s that?

Ron has been looking at our sunporch, unusable in wintertime it’s so cold, and he’s planning on what to do on the house first when things warm up enough. Half the sunporch is full of stuff we don’t want, the other half is full of too many toys. Either way, I’m chucking it all on the front lawn to sort & sell.

View from the sunporch

Well, when the snow melts anyway.