Loitering with Intent

I started reading Stuart Wood’s Stone Barrington novels a few years ago when we moved to the Miramichi and had easy library access. I like them. Stone is a lawyer / detective who seems to fall into situations that need to be unraveled. Loitering with Intent (Stone Barrington Novels) is his latest adventure, and it lives up to the rest of the series.

I like these books as they are similar to the Kinsey Malone series, and you can read them out of order. Or, at least the order you read them in doesn’t mean so much, as the events in the background aren’t linear.

If you like that kind of book, you should definitely pick it up. I prefer the paperbacks.

Disclaimer: Penguin Canada provided me a copy of this book for review.

As big as a whole shop

It’s bigger than I thought. My etsy/ebay/to sell pile that is.

See, in addition to the purging items I don’t want, some of it has been hitting another pile labeled “to sell on the internet”. Mostly destined for Etsy, but some for ebay.

I decided to do a “quick” sort of the to-sell stuff and make two piles. It was scattered around in boxes, and as I lugged each one into my craft room, it got bigger and bigger. I was laying out the “to fix” pile so I could take a picture. The “to fix” pile is any item that needs washing, repairs, a retrofit, or made up into some sort of goods (usually a tote bag) before I could list it.

To fix, then to list

I lost my floor again.

The whole time I was plowing through it all, the only thing I could think of was apologizing to the husband. You see, as we were taking things *out* of the house, a lot of my scoping out of yard sales and thrift stores has been with an eye for what sells online. (I’m not just guessing here, I’m paying attention to trends, picking up one or two to check out when I get home, and if I hit gold, grab more next time I see some.) So for that past couple of years – especially since we moved, although it started before then, I’ve been amassing things to sell online. In the words of my husband, “We’re supposed to be getting RID of things, not bringing new things IN to the house!”

I did have good plans, I was building a site to sell my own goods from, like my own etsy, run by me. Well, honestly at this point, I haven’t done squat except tear it down and partially rebuild it, twice. Plus I don’t have the time to market it. A slight change in plans, and this past week or two I signed up on etsy, plus listed a few things on ebay – just to start things off.

To list

Well, looking at the stack of items and realizing I could stock a small storefront tells me I’d better get cracking.

And Ron was right. (I hate when that happens.) No more yard sales for me until I make a dent in the pile. I’m feeling especially masochistic and wondering exactly how much I spent. Not all of it I bought; some is my old stuff, some inherited and willing to be let go of, and some just stuff people gave me. All told, I think there’s a good hundred dollars of investment there.

In yard sale prices, that’s quite a pile.

A small list for the curious:
– 28 items of clothing, 16 of them dresses, 21 of the items are vintage
– 6 aprons
– 73 books
– 18 linens of some sort
– 64 patterns, most 30 + years old
– 20 + different craft supply items (in my own defense, some of this is yet more leftovers from my craft store, which has been closed for 6 years)

ready linens

I’ll be allocating time on the weekends to list items, rather than go yard sailing. And yes I *am* embarrassed with myself.

Some ephemera for you

Once upon a time, I bought a hundred year old Latin Grammar textbook at a yard sale for a whole dollar. Inside the pages were some notes, scribbles taken down in class and forgotten. You should see the pages of the book itself, they’re pretty awesome too.

We scanned in the notes and I’ve uploaded loaded it to Flickr.


You can download the full sized 2504 x 3229 one here. All I ask is that you use this for personal use *only*. That’s non-commerical, peeps. 😉

As a side note, one of my “someday” ideas for a website is a place where I upload scans of all the neat stuff I find in library and secondhand books.

Loser’s Town

Loser’s Town: A David Spandau Novel by Daniel Depp is billed as “gritty noir fiction & Hollywood insider novel”. I thought it was depressing with no redeeming characters whatsoever. Daniel Depp is indeed related to Johnny Depp – they’re brothers, and he’s written screenplays. When I read that, I went, “Ahh!” as the book reads like a movie. Probably one done by Quentin Tarentino. It’s violent, sometimes excessively so. The patter of conversations were excellent though – staccato delivery, like an actor’s lines.

If it was a movie, it would have been enjoyable. As a book, not so much.

Disclaimer: this book was provided to me for review by Penguin Canada.

Well. That was interesting.

It was such a beautiful, gorgeous and HOT day, that at some point Ron & I couldn’t work in the office anymore. For one, it was pretty hot. So we tidied up some stuff in the yard, took back tables, and went to the local store for diesel & pepsi. Back home, we got out of the car, and wandered around a bit.

That’s when I heard yelling.

Turns out Ron had smacked his head off the tractor, right where the light was, hitting the edge of the metal. By the time he was able to speak to tell me what was wrong, he had moved his hand and the blood started dripping down his face.

I hustled him in the house, got the cold water running, found the towels, got the bleeding slowed down and had a look. Good thing I already knew head wounds bleed quite a bit. I took a look (I’m the mom, it’s my job) and decided that it was in the area of a possible stitch. Ron said since it was quite a whack to his head, we should go anyway.

So we found the ice pack, made a couple of travel mugs, and again – he LET ME DRIVE. We got in to be seen in relatively short order, and they decided that yes, one stitch would do and a bonus tetanus shot. The nurse said he’d have to take today off, so he turned to me and said “Can I take tomorrow off?” partly to get the nurse laughing. When we were done there, I took a turn through Timmie’s drive through and got him a coffee.

Ron has a boo-boo

That was enough excitement for one day. Today my mom is coming over (again) and we’re going to a quilt show, then a bit of around-town stuff, hitting the grocery store, then back here. She’s going to help me clean sort and organize something, I’m just not sure what yet. Not that I can’t find anything for her to do, it’s just I don’t know where to start.

Connected Parenting review

Connected Parenting
by Jennifer Kolari promises to “transform your challenging child and build living bonds for life”. The main premise of her techniques are the CALM technique:


For harried parents of young children stuck in the rat race of modern life, this book could be a lifesaver. Or at least an eye opener. For me, my kids are mostly all older and I have followed some of the same premises. Treating them like people, for example. The part I didn’t like was ultimately this is about getting kids to do what you say. I wasn’t very happy with the section on school battles, for instance. There are times when the child who really resists going to school has serious issues happening, and would be better off being pulled out. There’s no acknowledgment of that possibility.

I’m probably too far out in the alternative to get much out of this book, as well as having older kids, but mainstream parents who are at their wits end and willing to try something new should pick it up in paperback.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book from Penguin Canada.