No, you rock

I realized yesterday while talking to my aunt Wanda (yay! she’s awesome!) that I neglected to mention on my *personal* site what Ron and I did over on our *professional* site.

See, I try not to talk about work work work too much here, and as it is all-consuming a lot of the time, you can see I hardly write anything. Hrm. At any rate, I have a couple things to mention.

Ron and I did a redesign of, our consultancy website. We also managed to put up a handful of portfolio pieces, so you can see what we do.

A number of people have said our domain name is cute. 🙂

Second, I found out last week or so about a site called We Rock WordPress, that highlight WordPress rockstars; people in the WP community who rock. That means, they’re well known and contribute a lot.

Today, I find out that both Ron and I were added. My flabber, as they say, is truly gasted. The company we’re in are not only people we look up to, but some we’re honored to call friends.

And that’s pretty darn awesome.

I am so proud of you both! Loved the visit. I hope Emma didn’t pick up any new words.