Well. That was interesting.

It was such a beautiful, gorgeous and HOT day, that at some point Ron & I couldn’t work in the office anymore. For one, it was pretty hot. So we tidied up some stuff in the yard, took back tables, and went to the local store for diesel & pepsi. Back home, we got out of the car, and wandered around a bit.

That’s when I heard yelling.

Turns out Ron had smacked his head off the tractor, right where the light was, hitting the edge of the metal. By the time he was able to speak to tell me what was wrong, he had moved his hand and the blood started dripping down his face.

I hustled him in the house, got the cold water running, found the towels, got the bleeding slowed down and had a look. Good thing I already knew head wounds bleed quite a bit. I took a look (I’m the mom, it’s my job) and decided that it was in the area of a possible stitch. Ron said since it was quite a whack to his head, we should go anyway.

So we found the ice pack, made a couple of travel mugs, and again – he LET ME DRIVE. We got in to be seen in relatively short order, and they decided that yes, one stitch would do and a bonus tetanus shot. The nurse said he’d have to take today off, so he turned to me and said “Can I take tomorrow off?” partly to get the nurse laughing. When we were done there, I took a turn through Timmie’s drive through and got him a coffee.

Ron has a boo-boo

That was enough excitement for one day. Today my mom is coming over (again) and we’re going to a quilt show, then a bit of around-town stuff, hitting the grocery store, then back here. She’s going to help me clean sort and organize something, I’m just not sure what yet. Not that I can’t find anything for her to do, it’s just I don’t know where to start.


  1. Ouch! So did you give him the day off, boss?

  2. That made my head ache just reading it! Hope he’s feeling better.