Thursday, July 2, 2009 in Featured Articles

Out of order

Look at that! The storyline here is becoming all out of order, episodes are mixed up, network negotiations are at a standstill, and I think there’s a writer’s strike.

Oh wait, it’s just me and my blog.

But what’s a gal to do? An Upcoming Features, that’s what.

Spreading Grampy Around – our lovable family all gets together with the Toronto branch and heads out on a day trip where we go out to dinner, then try to covertly spread ashes in the ocean. Bonus scene: we reveal why we don’t give Addison crayons.

Up at the movies – Mom and the girls go see Pixar’s latest tearjerker, UP! We sit behind the paper’s movie critic, who spends a good twenty minutes talking to Emma about movies.

Loving the Library – a library book sale, the summer reading club, and how Emma answered the question “What do you like best about living in Canada?” The answer left other parents in the room shocked while Mom hid.

Canada Day – My mom thought I was kidding when I said she could be in the parade. I wasn’t. How long did I do face painting for this year? After that, we hit a flea market that was just wrapping up and they didn’t want to take anything back home. What on earth did we find?

Also, tune in for the spin-off: Sarah, the college years.


  1. I can not wait to hear about what Emma said so I can laugh and be thankful for my quiet, shy kids.

  2. I’m not sure which episode I am most looking forward to. Emma’s answer might be the front runner though I am intrigued by Addison and the crayons.

  3. Closer to an answer and all the other answers. You had better give up your day job.

  4. Looking forward to the entertainment! You’re much better than the television anyway. 😉

  5. Please, please tell the Emma story first!