Well that was fun

But not really.

Can you see me now? Basically the blog was down because of spam. And I get hit hard with spam because my email address is on an old domain with the same address for quite a few years. It’s been a persistent issue, and you may have noticed any one of our sites blipping or glitching in the early morning hours. So it finally took a big hard nosedive yesterday morning.

The short version, was I had to “unhook” the atypicalife.net part from the rest of the site. It kept my blog down, but the rest of the sites could come back up. Considering the part I needed to get to kept going down while trying to get in there, it was an interesting two hours. I also had to figure out how to get my site back up while sending my mail elsewhere.

Seems to be working, although I will be phasing out my old email address and using a new one.