Monday, September 21, 2009 in House stuff, what a guy I married

I think it may win

Remember how sometimes in the past I’ve written a blog post and you, the audience, are incredulous and amazed? And this one time, one of my friend even said “Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse – it DID!”

Actually, I’m kind of shaking my head and laughing, since at this point we’ve been through a LOT and really this is just par for the course now, you know? At any rate, I’ll squash my flair for the dramatic and get on with the storytelling.

I think it was Thursday, late in the day. Ron was working on the septic field part, and the pump we’re installing. It need a plug, and all he had to do was run the wire, plop in a new breaker on the panel and hook it up. Pretty straightforward.

Except, you know, this is our house.

I mean, he did it right – it’s one of those things you either know how to do or you don’t, and if you know how to do it, it’s pretty hard to screw it up barring any ambulance showing up. But apparently just touching the electrical panel has set off a cascade of events to highlight every single ineffective and jerry-rigged piece of wiring in the entire house.

First, the entire right side of the panel kept shutting off. Just the right side. Fearing faulty breakers, Ron replaced a few of them on that side. Great – now we are at the point where at least more than half the house isn’t dark.


Now we’re stuck in the kitchen – a room that has 4 plug sockets, not including the one for the stove, where almost every one is on a different circuit. Every one of them is acting up. Including the stove, which is an entirely different voltage. It works, the clock is on, but now burners and the oven randomly shut down.

The plug behind the fridge has a new plug socket and the wire runs straight from it to the panel. It can’t keep a light on for more than a few seconds.

My office here was on the side of the panel shutting down. Weirdly enough, our bedroom is on the other side, so we’ve run an extension cord from there to here so at least we can work without things going *pouf* like they did a few times on Friday.

We’re waiting for the second electrician to call us back. Our phone was out too.

My mom says the house is winning. We kinda sorta joked before that we’d have to replace all the wiring in the house, and it’s looking like a reality.


  1. I wondered what was going on. Sounds interesting. Did I tell you about the time Mat hit teh big off button on teh fuse box (yes, fuses, how exciting) and some of the lights stayed on? We have since found another panel (with breakers!) but I think an electrician is near the top of my list of things to spend a couple thousand dollars on.

    HOpe you get yours sorted out.

  2. Sometimes don’t you feel like it would be better to start from scratch? I am tired of working around all the “interesting” work the previous owner did around here – wiring included.

  3. We learned early on that the ten previous owners of our house all had different notions of “good enough.” CHG was amazed to find early on that two outlets in our kitchen were wired to each other – the circuit breaker would never have tripped if necessary.

    Plumbing is our home’s bigger bugaboo.

    Best wishes to “git ‘er done right” this time.