Rainbow. In a cake.

This is what happens when Meaghan starts reading food blogs.

Rainbow cake

It’s not even birthday time.

Rainbow slice

We’ll celebrate anyway.


Use any white cake, divide it in six bowls. Add gel or paste food coloring to each. Meaghan baked hers in a smaller round pan, one layer at a time. Two pans would go even faster.

Edit: Meaghan blogged it.

If you want her to keep making that, you might invest in half a dozen round pans for her 🙂

Wow! That is beautiful!


BTW: Your link is broken. It comes out as http://http//meaghan.homeschooljournal.net/2009/09/25/cake/ – just need to tuck away those extra “http”s for another day. 😉

Fixed! And thanks 🙂

Wow – what a festive cake! It looks yummy too.

I’m passing it on to Girl to see if she wants to try.

Oh, wow! That is so pretty!

omg that is awesome!! I bet Stephanie wouldn’t mind having a go at that.

goodness knows what artificial stuff would end up in it with all those colourings though 😉

Awesome cake! Jess says she wants to try making it. Matt says he wants to try “eating that cake” and I do believe he means the entire thing.

Awesome! I see a future b-day cake in this one.

Oooh, and my girl has a birthday coming up! I think I may have my cake idea now!

OMG. That’s beautiful and looks delicious.