Trip wrap up Day 1

Before I forget it all and the family gets sick of hearing me re-tell it, I have to take the time to write down all the little tiny parts of my trip. Other than waiting in airports, it went fast. NYC is go go go all the time.

Sunset at the airport

So we sat in the Bangor airport for a while, then got hurried onto the plane in record time. Our original flight had been canceled, so we were taking a side-trip to Philidelphia, and then another plane to NY. It was kinda rocky. Spent some time in the Philly airport. It was meh. Angry grumpy people everywhere, but the weather is not the ticket counter lady’s fault, buddy.

Then we walked out onto the tarmac into the wind and some rain to get on the dinky plane. Everyone move on back, there’s only seven passengers and we have to weight down the back. By this time I’m tired and woozy, so  when we are up in the air, rollicking away, and I see the stewardess twirling her hair furiously, then smacking herself in the head – well I just closed my eyes and prayed real hard.


The hotel was this artsy-fartsy one that looked like your crazy aunt with a serious art fetish decided to try her hand at the hotel business, just for kicks. Our room was slightly bigger than the one we have here at home. The bathroom reminded me of one of the later scenes in Sid & Nancy. Had a great view of the alley, and the place was across the street from the Museum of Sex. Welcome to New York.

hotel bathroom

Morning came far too early, but by the time we wandered to the front door we saw people we knew. So we desperately clung to them… er, I mean tagged along… as they found the nearest Starbucks. The heavens opened and the angel choir sang. We made our way to Baruch college, and I’m glad we had people to walk with, as the buildings are so tall it’s disorienting not seeing where the sun is. I would have gone speeding off confidently in the wrong direction.

So – college halls, crowds of people showing up milling around the registration room, door not open. “HI!” “OMG!” Not enough time, too many people, hot beverages in hand. Doors open, the rush occurs. Find the right table to register at, more hellos and ohmygoodnesses and smiles, big huge smiles all around. Hugs galore.

Ron and I exit as soon as we can, I’m up first and we need some quiet. I get all settled, look at the half-dozen people in the room and panic out loud. “Oh God, I was worried there’d be tons of people in a huge room. What if this is all there is?” no worries, they tell me – Opening remarks are going on, people are still in registration, and fair enough – in about five minutes the room starts filling. And filling.

My room

I pace myself slower than usual only to find about halfway through I need to go way faster. We speed thru the rest. 😀 Some people leave, some people arrive, as I have another session hot on the heels of the first one. Then I am done and realize that I’m starving and I need to pee. Ron has enough time to relax before his session, so we find a quiet place to sit. A guy I had been talking to by email joins us to give an overview of his site. One guy pases by and does a double-take back to give me his card (“We’ll talk later!”) and another joins at the end after Ron heads to his presentation.

Ron discovers he has no slides though, and does his presentation off the top of his head, with only his three headings to go by. Miraculously, he manages and people get something out of it. I can’t even remember what we did next, other than talk, but eventually we made it back downstairs for lunch to find most of the food gone. While Ron excuses himself, I stand in line for a coffee with a sandwich for me, and manage to snag a kosher sandwich for Ron. “Here,” I say handing it to him, “you’re Jewish.”

While in line, another person outlines his idea for his site. We find a place to sit and again, we eat while this guy talks. Somewhere in there, someone not in my session mentions they saw on Twitter that my sessions seemed to be really good. OMG, I say to myself, I forgot all about twitter. I hope online and check out the backchannel, following the conference tweets. I blush furiously with no one to see me.

The rest of the afternoon Ron and I attend different sessions, which in hindsight was not a good idea given we had no direct communication between us, and the sessions were scattered between floors 5, 8, 11 and 13. Toss in every time I went somewhere, I found a new person to talk to that wanted to talk to me too. 😀

But finally, we are all aligned, get back with a group and go back to the hotel. We call home & get them to call us right back ($2 right there).

After that, we ditch our coats and go to a bar. Yes, Ron & I went to a bar. We had food though, and more talking, this time with fellow devs, and eventually found out where the rest of the crowd was on the roof. Far less hot & noisy up there. And, you know, it was the roof. Great time on the roof because it’s just our crowd and we can hear. The city is gorgeous, the buildings climbing into the foggy clouds, full with raindrops and mistily blurring the lights up high. It’s picturesque to degrees I can’t even explain. Various big names are leaning on the railing with the NYC light in the background and my camera was back at the hotel. On purpose. I was enjoying the moment and participating in it, instead of capturing it.

But still, even now, one teeny tiny part of me wishes I had captured just one picture. 🙂 Not just because of any “OMG, I got a picture of Matt/Mark/Andy!” but because it was just so gosh-darn photogenic and would have made and awesome picture.

My voice was giving out and Ron & I were both tired, so we leave early and head back to the hotel to try and get some rest. I fall asleep watching Mythbusters.

Thus endeth the first day.

So that one time I went to New York..

It boggled my mind. I was in full-blown ADD-mode most of the time. Which can be good, and can be not good. I’m just doing a brain dump now & hopefully get some actual posts written about each “scene”.

– fabulous, amazing, awesome, wonderful, grateful, sharing, collaboration, all are fitting adjectives

– i had no idea how many people had read my words. Seriously. you guys, seriously.

– i really am funny, despite what my kids think. 😛

– i did not love NYC like I thought I might. I mean, I *like* it, but I did not love it. It reminded me of Saint john if it had grown that big. I do want to go back though. There’s SO MUCH to see.

The weather impacted our leaving. Flights got delayed, canceled, rescheduled, delayed some more, then a “everyone get to the security gate NOW, this is the last and ONLY call”. We were told we had 15 minutes to be in the air. Then we were told we had to sit on the runway for 40. Then ten minutes later we took off.

Needless to say, that can leave you a little rattled.

The hotel we stayed at was like a guest room at your crazy Aunt Martha’s, who inherited a rooming house and liked art. The gal in the room across from us kept going outside in the hall to talk on her cell phone. The walls were thick. The doors weren’t. Otherwise the beds were comfy.

My presentation went well. I tried to pace myself, but then had to cram in the end. Then I did my second one directly after that. Tons of questions, and later I second-guessed a bunch of stuff and thought of things to do better.

Ron did his off the top of his head. Turns out he had no copies or notes from his presentation. Astoundingly, he got good feedback.

We mostly forgot to eat, split up for a different sessions and spent too much time trying to find each other. The second day was better. We wore our new WordCamp tshirts and both in black pants, so we were matchy-matchy & cute.

ooo! ooo! We went to a BAR! 😀 And we hung out on the roof. We threw in the towel at 9pm tho. I was asleep by 11, awake again around 5 or 6. Ron… well, he does not sleep well when we are away. But it was better than the night before.

second day, and it is an unconference based on popular items from the day before. Guess how was requested at the top fo the list??? ME! had a full room for that too.

in between, I talked myself hoarse & tried to stay hydrated. I met a TON of people I had been dying to meet.

other highlights:

– NYC pizza

– walking walking EVERYwhere. look waaaaaaaay up for the good stuff.

– “follow that cab!”

– Empire State building. At the top. At night.

– Canuckistan and I really do have an accent

– geeking out and talking code not on the slide. I think I scared some people.

– mah huzband is awesum.

– my 700+ new best friends are great too

YES: pics coming as soon as I get around to it. I have to walk all the way downstairs to get the cord…

Things to do at wordcamp

A list:
– meet old friends
– meet new friends
– shake a lot of hands
– give out a lot of hugs
– use hand sanitizer
– remember to get my picture taken with a whole pile of different people, tho not all at once. (Lisa, Adria, Brian, Rebecca, Jane, Stephan, Andrew, Jason, Jim, Boone, John, all the Jeffs, JJJ, Mike, Andy, and more.)
– tweet a lot
– talk a lot
– take in some sessions
– do a Q & A
– think about women in open source and try to formulate intelligent opinions. I mean, I have them, just hoping to articulate them.
– squeeze out some time to help at the genius bar
– possibly try some New York pizza
– take in sights as we walk to & fro
– take pictures of sights
– take pictures out of the plane
– take as many notes as possible

you’ll note sleep is not on that list.

My new BFF

Every so often I poke fun at myself. Where, I wail, where can you find another woman, close enough to my age, with a kid somewhat near one of mine, who also:

– unschools
– is crafty
– is crunchy in the AP sense (meaning, breastfed, gentle parenting etc..)
– is a low-key Christian who doesn’t go to church
– is near enough to get together face to face occasionally
– is ADD or at least semi-disorganized ;P so won’t mind if I am
– works at home like I do
– works as a WORDPRESS consultant like I do.

Pretty specific list, huh?

Found one. 😀

Seriously, you’d think with all this in common we’d have nothing to talk about, but nope.

Oh hey look

Since Sarah is off to college and has a thousand tales to tell, one of the reasons to move this domain to a multi-blog platform was to give her space under this umbrella.

The college years

She squeezed out an intro post between school, homework and work. So there ya go.

Personally, I can’t wait for the post she writes while hopped up on chocolate covered coffee beans.


Anyone who has known me for years knows I don’t like milk. Anyone who has known me for a LOT of years will tell you stories of how I refused to drink milk as a small child.

By the time I had Emma and she refused to drink cow’s milk, I had already realized that if I drank milk, she would be fussy. Lactose cannot pass through breast milk, but milk proteins can. It is quite possible she has a milk allergy. It’s only since last year that she’s tried ice cream. And still her older sisters will eat much more ice cream than she will.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to stop putting milk in my tea. To be fair, it’s the only time I have any milk or milk product other than cheese. When I was on Weight Watchers, I was actually astounded at the amount of milk I consumed in a day, even though I had always felt I put very little milk in my tea. Just enough to color it, I’d tell people who were pouring.

So I skipped the milk. And I felt better. maybe it was better sleep, maybe a coincidence, but I kept skipping the milk anyway because I don’t need the extra calories.

Then I had a glass of chocolate milk, which I DO like.

And I had a bowl of ice cream. (neopolitan. stirred until smooth. Like I’ve done since I was little.)

A few days later I was in a LOT of pain in the intestinal area. So much so that looking at the jug of milk makes me feel ill. I am not drinking milk anytime soon. I would like to recover fully before testing that theory again.

Cheese seems to be fine though. Whew. 😀