Anyone who has known me for years knows I don’t like milk. Anyone who has known me for a LOT of years will tell you stories of how I refused to drink milk as a small child.

By the time I had Emma and she refused to drink cow’s milk, I had already realized that if I drank milk, she would be fussy. Lactose cannot pass through breast milk, but milk proteins can. It is quite possible she has a milk allergy. It’s only since last year that she’s tried ice cream. And still her older sisters will eat much more ice cream than she will.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to stop putting milk in my tea. To be fair, it’s the only time I have any milk or milk product other than cheese. When I was on Weight Watchers, I was actually astounded at the amount of milk I consumed in a day, even though I had always felt I put very little milk in my tea. Just enough to color it, I’d tell people who were pouring.

So I skipped the milk. And I felt better. maybe it was better sleep, maybe a coincidence, but I kept skipping the milk anyway because I don’t need the extra calories.

Then I had a glass of chocolate milk, which I DO like.

And I had a bowl of ice cream. (neopolitan. stirred until smooth. Like I’ve done since I was little.)

A few days later I was in a LOT of pain in the intestinal area. So much so that looking at the jug of milk makes me feel ill. I am not drinking milk anytime soon. I would like to recover fully before testing that theory again.

Cheese seems to be fine though. Whew. 😀

I have a friend with an allergy to milk and cheese is even worse than plain milk.