My new BFF

Every so often I poke fun at myself. Where, I wail, where can you find another woman, close enough to my age, with a kid somewhat near one of mine, who also:

– unschools
– is crafty
– is crunchy in the AP sense (meaning, breastfed, gentle parenting etc..)
– is a low-key Christian who doesn’t go to church
– is near enough to get together face to face occasionally
– is ADD or at least semi-disorganized ;P so won’t mind if I am
– works at home like I do
– works as a WORDPRESS consultant like I do.

Pretty specific list, huh?

Found one. 😀

Seriously, you’d think with all this in common we’d have nothing to talk about, but nope.

Oh you have NO idea how happy I am to have a new BFF 😀 It’s absolutely refreshing! I feel much less out there now that I’ve found someone like me, near enough to me that I can tell people IRL “no, people like me don’t just exist online!” 😀

So, so happy to meet you – and excited to see what our two ADD brains hatch (evil chuckle)….

That’s exactly how I felt when Michelle moved here and we talked for the first time:

~ obsessed with books
~ reads everything and anything
~ Christian but not overly-evangelicalized (is that a word?)
~ allows her kids to read Harry Potter, LOTR, have Pokemon cards, etc.
~ Has boys near my boys’ age
~ Loves coffee and wine
~ Is Irish in heritage
~ Is an unapologetic anglophile
~ Loves movies
~ Classical-leaning homeschooler

I could go on and on – but isn’t that kind of serendipity just a miracle? I’m so happy for you!

Oh, and told my hubby about you and Ron meeting the WP guru – and speaking at the upcoming conference – he was duly impressed!
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I was so totally, utterly psyched to meet you! My new BFF, indeed 😀

Very super information.

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