Help I’m Alive

Yeah, I’m alive. Movin’ & a-shakin’. So busy I barely update my flickr. Meaghan even went & got her own account there.

Work stuff:
– launching Premium BuddyPress Themes in partnership with StudioPress. Our add-on is specifically for the Genesis framework while using the BuddyPress plugin.
– if you have a WordPress blog, you may have seen my name in your dashboard. Hey ma! I’m on! A 5 minute presentation I did in New York.
– Go to and look on the right under Contributors. Ron’s name is there, it’s official. 😀 When you upgrade to 3.0, the Network option and ability is his doing. To be fair, he didn’t write it all, but he did roll it in.

Homeschooling: still at low tide. Every so often some eddies roll in.

Had some fun with Sarah and an exploding appendix. She’s almost healed over because it got infected on top of that, but she’s back at college. We had her here for a couple weeks to take care of her, and a good chunk of that we had a nurse visiting ever day.

Otherwise, I mostly live on twitter. I have ideas for posts, things I’d like to write about, but I just do not have the brain to fully flesh the posts out. Life is mostly work, so it’s a good thing I like what I do. I might get back on a regular schedule, I might only update when I know I have something to say. Who knows?