30 day yoga challenge

I started doing yoga.

Actually, a couple friends of mine were twittering back and forth about how awesome it was, so peer pressure snuck in and yeah, I tried it.

And it felt good.

Well, afterwards anyway.

I did have to sign up for an opt-in newsletter, than wait for the staged video links to come in to my inbox within a short enough time for me to still remember I was actually interested, and THEN had to find the right links to click in the needs-a-redo-for-usability newletters to get redirected to a page with the *actual* video on it, when I remember to scroll way down the page enough.

The office is where I read my mail. I’ve been playing the videos on my desktop and trying to follow along. This is not a big room, and it has office chairs in it. Sometimes, another person is in the other chair. While there is a nice patch of floor, it is not in a good viewing spot of the screen.

I am already about a week behind from when I signed up, sporadically fitting it in when I can remember.

Sometimes Emma helps me.

So, there I am on the floor. One eye is trying to follow the screen, I can barely hear the instructor’s insanely chipper and perky voice, my palms flat, my legs extended in two directions and I am using unknown muscles to try and stay upright.

The perky voice tells me to clear my mind and breathe. I’m still trying to find my elbow with my knee while she’s instructing me to the next step, which involves balancing my weight on my wrists.

While I’m wobbling, Emma pipes up, “Isn’t this relaxing Mommy? Don;t forget to breath! Can I help you move this part? Do you feel better yet?”

So for the past couple of days, I put it up earlier on my schedule, before anyone else is up. Downstairs, with a bigger floor in front of the tv, through the Wii & the Internet channel.

Silence, save for the stove kicking on and off, the birds chirping outside. And a nice comfy couch to watch it from.

New titles, new era

So with new grandchildren who are lucky enough to have an overwhelming amount of relatives the hunt for appropriate titles for each was on.

“I have the perfect titles for you both,” said Addison.

Little Nanny & Little Grampy.

It's official

And thus we are. Hospital seemed might dusty & full of allergens after that.


(if you’re lost on significance, see here & here. Now everybody say Awwww and pass the kleenex. )


Oh my. We all sat on tenterhooks for months.

Isabella Isis, 5 pounds 11 ounces.

Our very first grandchild.

I’m already breathless & I haven’t even seen her yet.


Wow, I turned forty & fabulous.

Among other things, I got 40 fat quarters from my mom, $40 from my aunt (with instructions to make sure I spent it on ME) and about 40 birthday wishes on twitter.

And, you know, my husband sneaking in my blog on me.

Thank you so much everyone. I did feel loved. I did indulge. 😀

40th Birthday

Today we went to visit Mam & Carl.It was a long day (& drive) but a great visit.Tomorrow is Andrea’s 40th birthday. So, the trip was part of Andrea’s birthday celebrations.

Yeah, I know it says Andrea wrote this. I did that so she would get the comment email instead of me. I’ll leave you to guess who “me” is ;-). I wanted to surprise Andrea with a whole load of birthday wishes first thing in the morning. You can help me out by leaving her a comment withing her a happy birthday 🙂