I didn’t post for the whole month of June? I am not entirely sure how that happened…. Sure, we did stuff. Sure, I work a lot. Often, there’s just stuff I can’t write about publicly, so it dries up words for anything else. Also, I like sleeping.

Anyway! Something I can tell you now.

I am co-authoring a book.

Yes, it is about WordPress. Yes, it is from a “real”publisher.

Coming sometime in Spring of 2011 is the WordPress All-In-One Desk Reference, published by Wiley Publishing, who also do the “For Dummies” series. My co-authors include:

– Kevin Palmer – Owner of SocialMediaAnswers.com
– Michale Torbert – Developer of the WordPress All In One SEO plugin and owner of Semperfi Web Design.
– Cory Miller – Owner and founder of iThemes Media, Plugin Buddy and WebDesign.com.
– Lisa Sabin-Wilson – Author of WordPress For Dummies and BuddyPress For Dummies, owner and creative designer at E.Webscapes and co-owner of BA Hosting.

And me. Heh.

So between that, regular client work, writing help text in WP 3.0, writing in the codex, helping in the forums, and managing our own support forums, some days I am out of words.

Even pictures are scanty. Can’t remember the last thing I sewed.

I has deadlines. Here’s hoping you hear from me in August. Meanwhile, there’s always twitter.