Slogging thru.

This is getting harder, posting on a regular schedule. Of some sort.

There’s frost in the fields and it is after 9am. The sun is even on them, and there they be. Frosty.

My mom is coming up this weekend for thanksgiving: Part two. Emma asked me yesterday if dad & I were going anywhere, like to a WordCamp or something. Sorry kid, not this time. Had to get a new (to us) car instead.

Got groceries: $124. And a nice pork roast on sale. Our neighbour is out of potatoes and of course I went there on the way home, not before, so I could have got potatoes in town instead.

Emma is on a Lego kick – lego lego everywhere. Nonstop lego. mom-can-we-buy-this-lego. Aisle 15 at the grocery store, yes she has ti memorized.

While out, we went to Ardeene’s which if you are not Canadian or the mother of boys is a store where cheap accessories go to die – I mean get sold off in bulk. It’s like the 80’s threw up in there after cleaning out Avril Lavinge’s closet. But it usually keep my girls happy, as they both got socks yesterday.

I have not yet had my tea this morning.

Hmm, just remembered Ron was going to move the server. I wonder if he did? He usually gets me to do the domain name stuff but I was in bed when he started so…. 😀 who knows?

Edit: ha, I should read my email first. all switched!