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So I did take Saturday off and did some quilting. I ran into town with Meaghan and stopped in the local quilt shop.

I bought pins.

No fabric, as I had just bought some off ebay. (oops.) For some reason I was unsettled. The owner was off on a fabric buying spree and a lot of the shelves were empty. There needs to be more brights, as the shop tends to stock the dark reds, blues and browns.

We also buzzed by Global where Meaghan got some shirts and I found a long hispter scarf for Sarah. I think it’s cashmere.

I played with my fabric, picking out some for the quilt on the cover of this book:
testing fabric selection

I cut out the rest of the blocks for the red & yellow quilt I designed.
red & yellow quilt squares all cut out

Then I finished this:
neutrals quilt

Well, the top is done. It will join the “to be quilted” pile. I have a bug in my ear about setting up a decent work area. Since the craft room is kinda falling apart, I’m squished in another room, and I can’t store stuff on the table, hold pending projects and flop a bed-sized quilt around all within earshot of one kid on the laptop and another in front of the tv. Maddeningly frustrating, at least to me.

I also cleared out the red bedroom a little more – the one full of junk with the holes in the wall right next to the office. It had holes in the wall when we moved in, I swear. It would do for a craft room over winter, yes it would. At least I was able to take a few boxes of stuff and put them in our huge closet, instead of taking up floor space in a room we could either use or start working in if it was empty.

The stuff in the boxes currently has no place to go. It’s either stuff we want to keep (memorabilia, family history) or pictures and frames. Some of them can go on the walls, but some the glass was cracked and needs fixing. I put it back in the box for one less thing to do. It can wait.

I also put another dresser in Emma’s room – this one left by Sarah – and took out her little bookshelf crammed with books. It went into the upper hallway to be with its friends, the other two bookcases that live there. At least the other two with children’s books.

On Sunday, Emma & I went into town and oh darn Meaghan couldn’t come with us as she was making apple pie. Her birthday is in less than a week now, and that will mean I officially have 3 adult children out of 4. Tho, as my friend Jo pointed out, she’s been considered by family to be pretty much an adult anyway.

Some days I dream of being just a housewife again.

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