Birthdays & babies

On Sunday, the Boy turned 23. We sent him an Amazon gift card with enough to buy TWO books and have free shipping kick in.

Later, I looked at a really old picture of the kids (this one) to show someone else, and realized when I took it, *I* was 23. I had to go do something else before I thought about that too hard and wound up in a ball in the corner.

On Monday, Meaghan turned 18. She’s an adult now ;). Actually, a mere formality…. she wanted to go to Sarah’s place and have cake and pizza and party, so we did.

Addison, Kaytlyn and Izzy joined us. I took a butt-load of pictures, some of which I uploaded here. Izzy squealed and giggled and cooed and was generally as adorable as possible.

We had glow bracelets and I let her play with one as a light saber.

light saber baby

She needs booties and I did not know this when I finished these:

baby shoes

I was worried they woudl be a little too big, but I held them up to her feet and now I’m worried they will just barely fit. It was a long drive home, my eyes hurt and I was too tired, but I did find more fabric in my stash. Just for the grandbaby.

I was thinking how everyone has shifted over a level – circle of life, blah blah blah. It’s disconcerting when you’re nearing the old farts plane of existence though. In my head, my 23-me is not that far back.

Mum says the same thing about 25 year old Ryan, Andrea. “But I remember when I was 25! …And it wasn’t that long ago!!!”

Tell me about it! And I have become the oldest generation…how did that happen?!