Bathroom sink!

The wall has been painted, the sink has been mounted. It’s not hooked up yet, but still… PROGRESS!

Minor stumping point: the faucets came with two styles of handles and we’re having trouble deciding. I’m not even meaning that as a euphemism for arguing, really. Truly stumped as to which ones we all prefer.


[polldaddy poll=”4061452″]

Vote! Open until Monday.

I’d go with the non-white ones. Just thinking about 4 extra crevices to clean in the bathroom makes me shudder.

Can’t really see what material the white thingy is made of, but I’m going to guess it’s a cover, not solid material. So, chances are it’s gonna crack.

But… it sure is perty.

Haha – That poll was totally not there when I said “can’t tell what material it’s made of”

I vote for the chrome. The porcelain adds 4 more crevices you have to clean & it’s easier to break/crack.

Hee, right now your poll stands at 50-50. That’s helpful, right? 😀

(I voted for porcelain. It’s pretty.)
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I know this is closed, by I’d go with the porcelain. We have interchangeable handles on ours – well, we did, and I’d rotate them occasionally, but I always liked the porcelain best. 🙂
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