Since I have been getting up at reasonable hours in the morning, I’ve managed to do a decent amount of workday stuff and have time leftover in my day to remember what the heck else I used to do. Also, the holidays are a-coming, I need to sew just because I like it, and I have a couple of projects that meet both requirements.

If we’re not going somewhere in the afternoon, I may sew then, or while I’m making supper. If I put supper on & go downstairs, I can’t hear the timer. If I’m in the next room, I can even hear water over-boiling. So that’s handy.


The first project I can tell you about. Last year my mom made me a wall hanging, and when she gave it to me, swore like a sailor about the issues she had quilting it in a hurry to make sure it was done on time. I decided to unpick it and re-do it. Lest you think that is terrible of me, my mom said it was not only fine with her, but good luck. Then she rambled off into more muttered curses…

So, I’d unpicked it long ago, and decided to put it back together differently, which meant I needed a new piece of backing fabric. Mom had used a smaller piece of backing fabric, and wrapped the excess front fabric to the back, like self-binding. I finally found a piece of backing fabric -almost exactly the size I needed too – and had settled on sandwiching all the layers, sewing around the edges and then turning right side out, like a pillow. I’d them quilt. you can do this quite successfully on smaller projects, and the edge is nicely finished. One night I carefully trimmed my backing fabric and batting. The next night I pinned them all together. The next night, I sewed round the edges and trimmed the excess batting in the seams so they’d turn nicely.

And that’s when it hit me – when I was about to turn the piece, I discovered that I’d layered the fabric incorrectly. The front of the quilt was wrong side out.

I did wait a couple days, but I had to sit there and unpick my seams. Again. I’ve since layered the pieces correctly, double-checking the entire time, and successfully managed to use the same piece of batting without cutting a new one. I hate wasting batting. I haven’t sewn it together again yet, it’s waiting.

I took a break to work on another top-secret project that was similar in technique. layer, sew turn. Pin a bunch in the middle. I did a lot last night, and there was much contemplation about certain aspects and asking household members for opinions. I pinned a lot more, sewed round the edges, trimmed seams, started to unpin.. and Meaghan looks over my shoulder and says, “Wait – aren’t they going to be inside when you turn?”

Aw crap. I did it AGAIN.

Burn that wall hanging it is cursed…………and not just by me.
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