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Everyone loves a parade, right?

So yesterday Meaghan reminded me that it was the Santa Claus parade in downtown Woodstock and we should go. She often looks up events around the area, and picks ones we’ve either never been to, or should make an effort for. It was snowing gently, but not windy, and just cold enough it wasn’t melting all over the road.

it was, however, like driving through sand. Our secondary highway that we are on gets plowed later, I think. the closer I got to down, the more bare the roads were. In fact, it was rather abrupt, I wonder why..

Anyway, we left the house an hour before the parade was to start, and came into town aroudn the back way, down the very long main street where the parade was supposed to be. I had no idea where it was to start, I figured I’d just look for people.

I did see what I thought was the parade lining up on a side street, and by the time I got to the quilt shop (yes again) had noticed a few cars here and there lined up in the parking lots of closed businesses. though not near as much as I expected. We figured we’d park at the quilt shop and watch them go by.

So we waited. After five mintues got bored and Emma & I went inside. I picked up some spray starch Shelley had recommended (turns out I love it) and asked Jo if she knew if the parade went by here. She had no idea, neither did some other people in the shop.

back in the car we hummed & hawed about ti and decided to go park down by the bank. “no one will ever think to park there!” said Meaghan, which was funny becasue the last time we went to town for an event, we had preselected a parking lot that was busting full by the time we got there.

Except this time, the bank parking lot was deserted. Weird. Up over the next block, back on main street, people were crowded in the Tim Horton’s parking lot. This is further down in the real central downtown area. 2pm came and went. It was warming up slightly and fatter fluffier flakes were falling. My sneakers were soaked, my toes were cold. Meaghan was jumping up and down to keep warm. We got impatient and walked up to the next block to see the road better and to see just past the curve and hope it was on it’s way.

Nope. this was 2:30.

We did notice the church parking lot up there was not full and I could drive aroudn to the back of it from the bank. So we walked back to the car, got in, thanked God and Jesus for heat becasue the car was still a bit warm. then we drove up the back streets and waited int he parking lot with the heat on full blast.

I swear less than ten mintues later the parade started to come by. We got out of the car, fully warm by now, stood by the side of the road and caught candy.

It was over in twenty minutes.

We came home for hot chocolate rather than fight traffic and left turns to get back to Timmy’s. Emma said she had a good time.

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