Like a date

Ron and I had to take a quick zip into town for a few things, so we went by ourselves. My mom had also emailed asking if our local quilt shop had any scrap bags and could I pick some up for her. I called and they did, so off we went.

We made the quilt shop our first stop because they closed at three and we had left the house long past 1pm. Ron was also looking forward to stopping in since we had picked up some Christmas fabric earlier and wanted more of it. It turns out they had some left, so we bought the rest on the bolt (2.5 yards). I also picked up a Kona solid fat quarter in a tangerine sort of yellow-orange. I want to make a Jemseg Dahlia block, just because, and I want a deep yellow/orange on white.

I also got two bags of scraps. They had marked down the biggest ones to 45 each from $15 and $10, respectively. The $10 one was full of juvenile and bright prints, which I what I’m leaning towards, and the other one was scraps in colors my mom likes. So that worked out great.

We hit up Tim Horton’s for Ron’s coffee and my hot chocolate, then while Ron made another stop, I sat in the car and started looking at my “scraps”. There were TWO panels in there, some border print enough to border a small quilt, and a whole stack of co-coordinating fabric. Plus, plenty of bits that were almost fat quarter or at least that much but a different size.

Then we wandered aroudn Kent;s for a while and realized why we don’t shop there much. We were looking for whiteboard paint put there was no sign up anything remotely like it. Melamine paint, maybe. Then we looked for MDF in a 4×4 piece, or that’s what I thought we were looking for, but Ron said masonite would do. So I found it.

Then we hightailed it to the checkout, walked out to the car, I got the trunk open and…

It wouldn’t fit.

that was a fast return though, and we need to order some other big things (drywall, pellets) so we’ll toss that on the delivery. We wanna make our own really big whiteboard for the office.

After we came home, Ron made eggnog pancakes. Yes, we still had some. I took my new fabric “scraps” and managed to cut out all I needed for a simple lap quilt suitable for a tween girl. No idea who for, I’m sure if I make the quilt, the need will show. 😉

FWIW, eggnog pancakes are really sweet. Might not need any syrup at all.

Big whiteboards are fun and make me feel smart. Almost mad-scientist-y. Maybe it’s because no one else can understand anything I write on them ;).