If I didn’t blog it, it never happened

I was reading this post from Anil Dash, entitled, If You Didn’t Blog it, it didn’t happen when it struck me.

I haven’t updated in well over a month.

Well, not here.

I’m extremely active on twitter, and before you dismiss that as fluff please realize I do the bulk of our marketing and customer support on twitter. 🙂 I also still upload pictures to Flickr, but even that has gone down some. My tech blog didn’t see any updates in December either. Support forums that I volunteer on (either through benevolence or in order to support my products) saw the bulk of my words, because I can assure you I have gone to bed many a night with sore arms from typing.

There were time over the holidays where I did consciously make an effort to not blog. to not tweet. to not record what was happening around me as it happened.

Christmas Eve I lay on the living room carpet, lit tree to one side, family all around, and belly full of good food. I played airplane with my granddaughter, who giggled and squealed. At other points, she waved to me when I came in the room, her face breaking out into smiles.

And that? That was living. That was me just enjoying to moment to the fullest.

As for the writing thing, I did occur to me on reading the post linked up above that for all my good ideas, they don;t really count unless and until I actually post them somewhere other than twitter, or a chat room, or a private spot somewhere as a joke between friends. So, you know, for that whole writing thing, I have to actually write. Good, bad, whatever – at the very least some of it should be out there.

So for a bit, as far as this blog is concerned, I will be typing up some quick entries and backdating them to the appropriate timeframe. Not as much for you, dear reader, though as always you are welcome to read along, but for the me of the future – the ones who reads the archives and goes, “Oh yeah, I remember that now….” Because as awesome and special and funny and emotional and whatever anything is now, I always forget something. 🙂

I’ve written something every day this year – I’m just not publishing it. I never kept a diary or anything like that growing up. I’m keeping one this year – just to see if writing down my thoughts on a daily basis has any impact in my life.

After spending an evening looking at various open source personal wiki and journaling tools, I settled on the optimum set up. Gedit and a text file 🙂
.-= COD´s last blog ..Stories from the job search – the GPA question =-.

Oh if it were only a question of public vs private. 😀 In this case, it’s more “I’m too brain fried to even know where to start most days”. 😀

And I’m trying to avoid writing about work so much. Some days not much is left.