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Serious progress

I keep making progress on my quilts, as I am forcing myself to get off the computer and go do something else – especially if I don’t have it in my to actually work. Spacing out & doing fluff is…. well, fluffy. And I need the break.

So. I’ve been powering through some of the sewing pile, and seeing it halfway down (and seeing some of my TABLE) was motivating. I told myself I can;t cut out another one (or start another one) until I get more tops done.

Also, I was sewing instead of fuming over some online things, so … progress indeed. 😀

Tonight I made *HUGE* dents in some of the tops I’m piecing. I just kept on sewing, and if I was at a point, I needed to iron, I just piled the pieces up and moved to the next quilt.

I worked on THREE in less than two hours.

The Christmas quilt I am dubbing Tacky Xmas has all the rows sewn together. I just have to press the seams and sew the rows. Then figure out the back, which shouldn’t be too hard, as I have a couple of large pieces of very loud Christmas print. I had been considering a flannel back as well. I may still do that, as this is for cuddling under over the holidays. It is for someone specific next Christmas. 😀 And that is all I am saying. It will torment you all year.

The other quilt is the red/white/yellow Paddington quilt. It is also done in the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I have all the rows sewn together, I just need to press them, then sew the rows on. I am undecided on the borders, which I may make narrower than the pattern calls for. Then I need to piece the back which will be mostly yellow. I’ve already purchased cotton batting for the inside, which will make the quilt look old and crinkly after washing. 🙂 It is for one of the new babies in our family and I hope to finish it before the kid is walking.

Lastly, I sewed more pieces on my yellow and red disappearing nine patch, matching up each square with one white piece. I got all the way through most of it until I ran out of white pieces (rectangles) I had pre cut. So, I need to press, pieces in rows, cut out more white & finish the last two rows, then sew all the rows together.

It’s okay if you aren’t really following along. 😀

I also dug out the leftover pieces from the last quilt, including some really large lengths. Enough to put in other quilts, but I will piece an interesting back, because it is what I do. Emma & I talked, and we decided on some sort of wave quilting pattern. While Emma would love for me to use the recycled batting, there’s too much white on the front and I don’t want the green tinge to come through, so I’ll probably use cotton.

And then! I have been hearing news of more babies, so while Ron & I went to town for a couple errands, I was thinking about this and building up a stash of finished baby quilts. So, I pulled out a large piece from the remnant bag I purchased for $5 a couple weeks ago. It has small hankies or mini quilts on it, and half of one was missing. After squaring it off, there’s a nice 9 blocks there on the panel. I found some soft pink to go with it and squared that scrap too, so I can add pink borders. I got it from a large box of solids at a yard sale for something dumb like $4. Then I found a really big floral piece for the back. It is a long strip, but if I cut it in half across and sew down the long end, it is just big enough for the back. I paid a whopping $1.50 for that piece at Global. Serendipity indeed. This is why you have a stash – so you can pull different pieces together. 😉

Edit: a pic
baby quilt

Speaking of things that happen for a reason, in other vague news there has been something I have been thinking about. It’s big and scary. I finally decided that I was going to wait for a sign before I moved forward. And lo, within an hour I got a very important email on just that.

Funny how when I ask for a sign, I get a smack upside that head. 😀

Lastly, almost all the baby wallpaper is gone from the old office. I hope to make way more progress on it this weekend, cleaning up the mess, scraping the remaining bits off the wall, and maybe getting Ron to start patching some rough spots.

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  1. Pictures! We want pictures. I have huge pieces of Christmas fabric if you need any.
    .-= Mam´s last blog ..Paraprosdokian- now that is a good scrabble word =-.

  2. Meanie, I wanted to see the tacky xmas quilt!

    I wish I had even a tiny bit of the motivation that you do.

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