Friday, January 28, 2011 in all about me

The Secret Club

I was at the quilt shop sewing this afternoon. Chattering back and forth with the ladies there. It was normal everyday conversation.

Except for one thing.

This time last year, I woudl have been odd one out. Now I am part of the secret club.

“Oh, they called me up the other night to babysit. I was halfway out the door before I got off the phone”

“I have to finish knitting these sweaters before I send them off. And then this quilt for the other ones.”

“Terrible we both don’t have pictures in our purses, isn’t it?”

“I bet yours are adorable.” “Yours too!”

“Aren’t they just precious?”

The knowing smile, the crinkles at the corners of our eyes, and the slight nodding of the head.

Yep. Room full of grandmas.


  1. I’d say something sweet and loving but I can’t think of anything, lol.

    So do you get a secret password for the secret club? I bet it’s “Taco”.

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