more stuff happens

So, after the last post I finally made it out to a quilt guild meeting. I signed up as a member right away, and skipped the ‘guest’ part. I did bring quilts for show and tell, and my joke was that I wasn’t sure if they needed to see my credentials before they let me in. “Oh, we let in anybody,” one lady said. 😀

I held up the quilt I finished for Izzy, the new wave quilt and, when I unfurled the red and yellow one, the crowd of experienced (and new) quilters literally went, “OoooooOOooo.”

So yay!

And yes, I finished Izzy’s quilt and delivered it to her yesterday. She likes it! We patted it, and looked at it and played peek a boo with it and rolled around on it. And, even better, her parents like it too. I confess, I did the back for Kaytlyn as well. I call it:


double rainbow

And the front:
Isabella's quilt

also, this is what we do when we go visit:
Worship the baby

because, why not? I mean, it was might hard to leave this.

not sure

Especially when she kept trying to crawl out the door with us. 🙂 Silly kid.

Like this quilt and its special receiver. Both are cuties!