Emma and the Lego

Emma, as you may have gathered, has been obsessed with Lego and immersing herself in it pretty much daily. I get to hear about new sets arriving, what’s up with the Lego website, new characters, what awesome play value it has (no really, she used those words) and sometimes it leads to other things.

Lego animation? Check.

Lego bible stories re-enacted with Star Wars Lego.

Even her Star Wars interest is pretty much Lego based.

She’s off taking pictures again, because of this site. We had a conversation how it was okay to basically copy what the other guy was doing, because in doing so, you were not “copying”, but learning the techniques yourself.

I’m also subjected to the occasional rants:

How the brick show host mis-pronounced the name of a Clone Wars character.

How Nick Jr or YTV (one of them) had too many Lego ads plastered all over the site and did Lego know about this? It seemed overly commericalized.

How the Lego aisle at our big box grocery store is labeled “Boy’s toys”. (I had to speak to a clerk about that.)

I suppose this is par for the course, for us and our children. I’m just writing it down before I forget. And for when I forget.

ha! made me laugh seeing the line in there about us mis-pronouncing a clone wars character. too funny.

Emma seems like a really cool kid. If you want us to give her a shoutout in a show shoot me an email and we can do that!