World’s biggest igloo

Also, on Sunday we drove up to Grand Falls, met my BFF Rebecca and her family there, and visited what shall hopefully soon be declared the World’s Biggest Igloo.

Ron kept looking at it and saying technically, it was an ice igloo. They didn’t built it right. (I agreed.)

But I digress! First, we met up at Tim Horton’s cuz duh, why not? Also, we did not know exactly where the igloo would be, because seriously – how hard can it be to find an igloo over 5 meters high, in a small town like Grand Falls??

So, we sat there in timmy’s and chatted up a storm for a bit, until the kids got restless. Glen said his dad had come to see it and said it was behind the high school or something, out by the car dealerships. Ron knew where that was and we’d follow them.

We drove over to the other side of town, down off the highway. Ooo, a new building, nice. What was it? I dunno, looked busy though. We drove down the road, and further down until Glen pulled over.

“You see anything?” Nope, didn’t see a thing. So Ron says maybe it’s the other way. We drive the other way for a while, get almost back into town. Nope, not there either.

Apparently it’s hard to find! Who knew??

So Glen calls his dad (the miracles of cellular technology).

That nice shiny building we passed? Was the new arena. Where the igloo is. In the back parking lot, blocked by the building itself.

We oohed and ahhed and when my low-battery camera was handed over to someone to take our picture, a crowd showed up and we all politely waited for each other. Cuz that’s what Canadians do. And my camera batteries ran completely out.

But we soldiered on and in. In some ways, it was smaller than expected. the inside was.. ethereal. neat. Friggin’ COLD. Colder than outside. And the floor was ice with a half-hearted attempt at sanding in place.

We stood int he exact center to hear the echoing acoustics. Freaky. Ron was at the wall and we could barely hear him. Yet our own voices sounded like we were in a bucket. (a very cold bucket) Handily enough, the blocks of ice used for the walls let enough light in.

The kids mostly ran around after each other, then played the shortest laziest game of tag ever while standing next to each other. Meaghan went and sat in the car.

Rebecca took our picture, because as she says, it’s kinda her job to follow us around the globe and take pictures of us kissing.

We were really glad to get back in the car.

(Short conversation while in the igloo:

Rebecca: “Just think, Brian is at DisneyWorld right now. Wearing shorts.”

Me: “I hate him”. (not really, but still))

I also had fun tweeting from inside the igloo (the reception was good) and reading the responses. 😀