well that was eventful

Yesterday we got 6″ of snow in a very short amount of time. I mean, it was just starting to make flurries when I left my house for the quilt shop, and less than 2 hours later it was Winter Wonderland.

I almost got rear-ended leaving for home.

The drive took twice as long in 4th gear.

Later, I went to make myself a pot of tea, closed the kettle lid and caught my sleeve in it. Of course when I backed away this pulled the near-boiling water towards me. I jumped back to avoid the worst of it, but got my left wrist (where I lean to use the mouse), my right arm and my chest.

the kitchen floor is clean though.

We also sold our old pellet stove, which was awesome. They paid in cash.

Earlier in the week, we’d gone in to see Sarah’s class at school and talked to design students about WordPress. A few of them even got it and got excited. The teacher, of course, thought it was awesome. Afterwards, since it was just Ron & I we went out for a late anniversary dinner at Yoo China Curry House. They make Chinese food and Indian food. Oddly enough, it is one of the few places, where I figure everyone in our family can find something to eat. It was.. good. Interesting. Homemade too. Those eggrolls and chicken balls were not frozen.

Earlier in the week we also went out to see how maple syrup is made. This place is a commercial operation, so lots of shiny equipment. We bought a hot fresh bottle of syrup for 5 bucks, a steal. That’s not the store price. 😉

Otherwise, concentrating on working. We had a monster to-do list, so it was a lot of heads-down, plow through. I’m tired.

And I’ve cut out.. four (I think) quilt tops that I’ve been working on. Just simple stuff I don’t have to think too hard about.

We’ve also been working on what will be Meaghan’s room. I just got the last of the wallpaper scraped off today and Ron has been repairing spots in the plaster.

Also – a heads up. I got some books from Penguin Canada I need to review, so you may see those short posts pop up too.