A Bone To Pick – Charlaine Harris

Penguin Canada sent me some books to review and one of them was A Bone to Pick (Aurora Teagarden, Book 2).

While I am a fan of Charliane Harris, I haven’t read many of her other books. This is your typical girl-falls-into-mystery type of books where these things just seem to happen. Obviously, since this is part of a series, there was a lot of explaining of events that had gone on in the first book so I did feel like I was caught up and not lost on previous events.

It was a little slow though, and at one point I set it down for a week and didn’t pick it up again. Usually I plow through a book to get to the end if I really enjoy it. this was also the kind of mystery book where you didn’t have to think to much to figure things out or pay attention to lots of details.

Basically, the main character has a friend who dies and leaves her the house and some money. But in the house Aurora finds a human skull and a note. She has to figure out whodunnit without winding up in jail herself, and while juggling a new boyfriend, her mom, her ex across the street with his new (and very pregnant) wife and her job.

As with other books from Chairlaine, I found there was a lot of the main character being in a situation and brushing it off with a big, “Oh well! Events will reveal themselves!” That’s the only down side I ever see in her books. Things just seem to happen, and while they are explained, the main character often seem secondary to the action. She’s just there. It seems like it was written as a break between other books. Light, fluffy, not too much to think about.

oh well.

3 out of 5. I’d pick up another one at the library or at a book sale for a dollar, but I wouldn’t buy them new.

Edit: I did some homework (not hard) and found out Ms Harris wrote these before the Sookie Stackhouse books, and they are re-releases to capitalize on this. I do think she has grown as a writer, thankfully. I still think they could be better.