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Mists of Velvet

Pengiun Canada sent me a copy of Mists Of Velvet
for review.

Now, I am a fan of the romance novel. I am also a fan of the hawt ones. (Sorry kids, look away!). This novel was supernatural / fantasy and also labeled “erotic”.

Hardcore is more like it, Holy Moses. Usually the romance genre, even in the super-hawt lines, still sticks to certain editorial guidelines during sex scenes.Maybe because this is outside the usual publisher’s lines I read, but I found the sex scenes, while definitely part of the storyline, unnecessarily explicit. If I wanted to read a Penthouse Letter, I’d do that. These were about the same.

Otherwise, getting over the giggles, the storyline was actually not that bad. Not near as completely unbelievable as some of the romance / fantasy blends I have read, but well enough that if the romance storyline was tamed down and the sex scenes eliminated you’d still have a story. And one in which I’d want to find out what happens next. Good thing this is part of a series.

The author did do a good job at bringing the reader up to speed with what happened in previous books without going into too much detail for filler, and leaving just enough out to make me want to read the rest of the series.

There’s an Otherworld (of course there is) where goddesses live and control the live of men. Mere mortals that they are. Of course one of them (Rhys) is destined to be with a partner with Annwyn, who is a seer for the Queen. Rhys also has a Shadow Wraith (Kier) whom he has an “interesting” symbiotic relationship with. Underneath it all, the real reason for everyon to come together is to defeat evil forces. But you knew that, right? It always is for that reason.

Regardless, I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

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