Treachery in Death

I’ve long been a J D Robb fan and enjoyed a lot fo Nora Roberts books, so when Penguin Canada wanted to send me a copy of Treachery In Death I signed right up!

If you have never read this series, it is a murder / crime / mystery set in the future where Eve, the main character is a detective. Her eventual husband Roarke is a millionaire and sometimes operates on the grey side of the law. Even has her own history to work through, being the victim of a crime at a young age.

Some of the books in the series are just page after page of slogging through to the end. Whodunnit? Super cool future stuff. Roake. Eve. Long looks, hinting and stuff behind closed doors. Violence. More violence. This particular installment involved Peabody, a detective under Eve’s command, overhearing some corrupt cops. So, early on we know who did it, but we don’t know why or how they can bring them all down without winding up dead. Like that other guy. Oh, and that one. And oops – that guy right there. These novels are usually on the dark side a bit, but I foudn this one in particular to finally offer me some character growth. Not only did they solve the crime, but we had some real progression of threads going throughout the series. We even find out a bit more about the disapproving butler. The zippy dialogue also pleases me. It does usually tho.

I give this 4 stars and a thumbs up. I might even keep it. I usually do not keep fiction because I rarely re-read books unless they are really good. This might be one of my exceptions and I may finally start hunting down more of the series at book sales and read them over from the beginning.

4.5 out of 5

Happy Birthday…see you soon!