Hole in my head

On Monday I had a dentist appointment and he pulled out my upper left wisdom tooth. Surprisingly, it did not hurt nor was as difficult as the last time, when I had the bottom one pulled. Turns out it also has 2 tiny cavities and a great big huge one no one could see.

Now my head aches. well, a bit less now, but my brain keeps not working right. How many times have I had surgery-type things now? And finally I’m getting if I have lots o’ pain, the ol’ thinking functions just.. don’t.

This isn’t so terrible if I can shuffle through my day, but I kinda have work to do. At this point, it’s Day 3 of Not Much Being Done. Also? tomorrow I have to drop things off for the quilt show.

Oh yeah. I’m putting stuff in the quilt show. I’m also sending in 2 dozen cookies, 2 quilt frames, whatever vintage aprons I can find, and selling 8 items in the market. Everything has to be labeled and it’s taken a full 30 seconds for me to print my name. Yeah. I am having a great day. (I almost had a meltdown when I could not find my stapler.) And! Friday night I am doing a shift as a greeter / ticket taker.

My husband is awesome, did you know that? He is. He made me supper on Monday (tomato soup) and made me eat it. He’s also had a dentist appointment but he had a filling, so he had a nap on Monday too.

I got to keep my tooth. It’s huge. Also, the dentist was trying to have an interesting conversation with me about twitter, but it;s really hard to do so when someone has his hands in your mouth.

I haven’t even sewed since Sunday either.

It took entirely too long to write this. I forgot was I was going to write in between each paragraph.