Sick house

We broke our streak. I do’t think we’ve been sick since Sarah moved out & Ron started working at home. Tho it’s not Sarah’s fault entirely… she did come up this weekend and Ron was sort of getting over it and Meahan was all done.

Then Saturday I got sick.
Sunday Emma got sick.
Monday? Sarah. 🙂 Just in time for her to go home.

I had to cancel our stop in to see Izzy as well, but Addison put the phone on speakerphone so I got to talk to her. Which is kinda weird and cool all the time.

“It’s Little Nanny!”


“I have Sarah here visiting me!”


Ha! 😀

Now I am just well enough to *think* I can go do something but not really. Like I opened this window an hour ago. I went to make popcorn for Emma and I, then washed my hair. See?

Otherwise, it has been movie marathon weekend. Emma & I watched most of Gremlins. “The special effects are obvious so it’s not really scary, mom.” Then I watched The Social Network with the two big girls. (better than I thought it would be.)

While lollygagging on the couch unable to use the remote, we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. This was better because when we went to Montreal, we saw the Indiana Jones exhibit they had there. No pics allowed tho. Industry secrets and all.

Later, we caught more of the Star Wars marathon they seem to show every other weekend on Spike.

And now? Back to the Future 3. I’m starting to realize why I hadn’t seen it the first time around.

Also feeling really grateful for laptops. We may not have hoverboards (BttF2) but we have portable computers, so there’s that.

She did better than me. Gremlins is freakin’ creepy.

Andrea bring a cup of sugar with you tomorrow please plus a couple of mystery novels, I’ve run out of books to read………hugs…….Mom