Book clear out

While we’re been priming The Cave (the living room) I’ve been cleaning out the room. I forgot how big this room actually is without three large bookcases crammed with books in it.

Yeah, we had to move all the books. Not *all* the books in the house, as there are bookcases in every room. But the 2 large and one medium bookcase in the living room that held our homeschooling / reference / crafty books.

If you have never seen pics, it’s a lot. There’s libraries around here with less. I finally decided that if we were looking up things n the internet before looking at our own books because there were so many to go through (or even find) then maybe it was time to clean them out.

On the up side, I have thoroughly cleaned out a number of subject matters and the books I kept picking up because we liked that topic or needed it for homeschooling. But at some point you have to ask – exactly how many kid craft books do we really *need* given we have enough knowledge AND materials to write our own from scratch? Or Canadian history? Or general science knowledge? Apparently you have have too many. And I haven’t even done upstairs hallway books.

At any rate, I have a rather large pile of books we no longer want to keep. Some of them are really really god books too. Anyone who is related to me or who feels comfortable with stopping in can adopt any number of these books looking for a new home. Many of them were well loved, a few we looked at thinking “WTF?”, and there are exactly two with battery sound effects (first come first serve on those PLEASE).

If not, you’re all getting boxes of books for Christmas. I’ll deliver.

If I lived anywhere near you, I’d be there in a hearbeat! I’m a sucker for a good book giveaway. Of course, I should really clean out our books here, too, but that’s another story. I actually met you a few years ago when you gave a presentation about starting a blog at the In-Home Conference. I still have my blogspot family blog, but I’ve moved up to having my own website on my domain. Pretty soon I’ll have my first full e-book done. Yeah! You really inspired me then to go for it.

So now you say, after I visited you that I can look through books, unfair…till next spring. Save a couple.