Well there

We had the well drillers show up on Wednesday (finally) and it was really way cool in the way 8 year old boys love mud and noisy big trucks and piles of dirt kind fo way.

After the first hour, the constant drone of the drill was less than exciting. But Ron did a write up so you should read it instead of reading me repeat half of it incorrectly.

I also cut my hair really short, then tried to dye it pink.

Other than that, not much is new.

Oh! Right! I am almost done painting the living room. The up side is it looks great and the room is eleventy times lighter. The down side is the paint color is really close to the not-white they put on the ceiling so we have to paint it too. It never ends.

So the hair thing.. I just cut it short like mom’s. Pretty much exactly really. Huh.

And the pink. You can’t see much unless I am standing near a light and then it look like a pink light is on my head.

No reason. Just felt like a change and we had some pink dye from when I did Emma’s way back when.

Also I have not done near enough sewing this week and it is making me cranky.

Looks like we’re working on a similar project, I’m also painting the living room this week. The fumes are starting to get to me though… Oy!