Quilts I made this year

2011 quilts I finised

1. Isabella’s quilt, 2. all done!, 3. hot pink and yellow and orange quilt, 4. another baby quilt, 5. blue & yellow quilt close up, 6. Emma’s quilt, 7. Paddington quilt, 8. Baby quilt, 9. purple sleepover quilt – front, 10. red blue white baby quilt – front, 11. birthoween quilt front, 12. love you wall hanging

Mind you, this is just the ones I actually *finished*. We all know I made more tops and some of these tops were made the year before. 😉

Let’s see how much more backlog I can clear out in 2012.

Edit: after all that work I just realized I forgot Sarah’s blue & white quilt an I think Izzy’s quilt I gave to her last Christmas….

Clearly I need to keep better track of these things. 😀

Things I need to write about

First, I was thinking of posting a list over on G+ but then I told myself, “Self,” (because sometimes I say that. truly. “Self, you said in your head and maybe out loud that you would post more in 2012, at the very least so you could go back and read what happened because your memory? Is like that thing with holes in it that you use to drain pasta.”

(that joke went over real well on twitter btw)

So, quilts I made:
– Addison’s halloween quilt. Biggest I’ve done so far, forgot one print glowed in the dark.
– Meaghan’s quilt. Still not finished. we have been angsting over the actual quilting.
– Sarah & Emma also got birthday quilts.

And? I totally made (HA!) Kaytlyn a quilt for her birthday too (which is today) but alas it is of course not done. The top is not even finished, but was enough to get a sense oh how it will look when done. Tip: big and bright.

I need to make more baby quilts. Like, a LOT. And have a stash handy.

Christmas was good. Adrian (my father) came up. We also drove down to see my mom. (Not with Adrian tho) Long story, which is why I need to remember to write an actual post.

I even neglected (says certain family) to upload pictures in a timely manner and even (in some cases) neglected to take actual pics. Or took them on the camera Sarah borrowed from her school. The camera is a Nikon and drool-worthy.

I should also write (here) that Ron & I are working full time for people other than ourselves. A steady predictable paycheque is really nice.

There’s also some other random stuff I want to write about and how come I never get around to it. Partly I get stuck on *where* to write it. There’s a million places now. I just need to sort that in my head. 😛