Snownami cupcakes

Emma and i made cupcakes.

Feather quilting

Since I’ve finished up Meaghan’s quilt I moved on to Kaytlyn’s, getting it all layered and basted this weekend. I also had a chance to quilt three of the large blocks.

I had always planned to do big feather plumes in these blocks, as it just screamed at me to do so. Problem was when I started the quilt, I’d never done them. So I drew and I practised and I did some samples.

Today I actually dug out all the thread and took the plunge. I’m using yellow thread on the back and in some places on the front will be changing thread colors. This not only blends in better (to hide potential goofs 😛 ) it also helps me use up much of my half-empty spools of thread. OF which there are plenty.

I’ll do all the large blocks on this quilt first and yes – I am stopping and starting on each block, snipping the thread entirely and not stitching over to the next one. I also did not draw on most of the quilt top for a template. Some I just drew the spine, some blocks nothing at all. They will be almost entirely freehand.

I’ve also been picking up some tips from Diane Gaudynski and her upcoming free motion quilt along. The topic for February? Feather plumes! 😀 Mine don’t look near as nice as hers, but like she says – just keep on practising!

By the time I get to the last block, I should be pretty good. They are fun to do, if maddening in parts. I definitely like the look of going back and outlining the whole thing until the block fills. It definitely hides my turn backs.

I also chose poly batting because of the loft, and to see how my Bernina handles it. So far, I still don’t like working with it.

Meaghan’s gray and purple quilt

YAY! I finally finished Meaghan’s quilt this week. Her birthday was Nov 1st. Remember, I also made a quilt for her brother and his birthday was the day before. He got his quilt on time tho.

I used the same pattern for both quilts, except for Meaghan I sized the blocks smaller to 5″ and made the sashing smaller as well. This brought it down to a twin size. She picked purple and grey as her colors.

It sewed up fast enough but both Meg & I hummed and hawed over how to quilt it. Finally we decided to go for diamonds in the sashing areas. When I finished that part, she picked a curved leafy design for the borders. That was not something I want to quilt again any time soon. They are small and detailed.
After another long period of indecision, I went and quilted loop squares in the squares .Those were pretty fun! It worked up fast too, as I just went in a straight line down the side of each square to get to the next one, and went around the quilt in a big circle towards the side. This made nice lines on the back as well.

I bound it in a grey on grey floral she picked out from the Thimbleberries line. Just straight cut, 3″ wide, folder over and sewn down on the front.

She’s happy, so any mistakes are noticed only by me. It crinkled up real nice after washing as well.

There’s a shot in here of the border before and after washing.The denser quilting on the border definitely crinkled up really nice.

I got hired because of my work ethic

Friday afternoons I try and take off. This involves not checking on things constantly, but instead a few hours apart.

When I have my afternoon “off”, I like to go quilt. Sometimes I go to our local quilt shop, but it was snomageddon outside, and if I was going I really should have gotton groceries instead. So. I went to my room of my own and sewed.

I made this:

StudioPress quilt block

Nice, isn’t it? Now go look at the logo of the company I work for.

I think I might like my job a wee bit too much. Is that possible?

The first time I tried to explain my job in a nutshell (other than “I do customer support & documentation”) I told the person I did the same things I was doing before, except now someone pays me to do it and I can still do it at home in my pyjamas.

While I was saying that, it occurred to me how lucky I am and I said so, all astonished-like. The person said, “Yes, yes you are.”

Ra and Helios

I used to think I liked winter, at least from indoors. Over the years, I’ve refined my preference. I like snow at Christmas, I like the changing of the seasons, I like the predictable nature.

I don’t like the wonky weather we’ve had over the past few years. My tolerance for cold has lessened. And the dark. Yes, it’s the dark. While I don’t spend all summer outdoors and can, in fact, get too much sun, the dark of winter is what chases me towards spring.

Earlier in the week, the sun came out, brilliant and shining. So drastically different from the other days where I’d been turning lights on at 3pm, shivering under sweaters. The warmth came through our blanket covered windows – the ones with hundred year old wavy glass, wooden frames you can’t get to open yet somehow let in every draft.

Our bedroom, a dark cave for sleeping, faces east and south, a delicate corner perched on the second level of our home. I pulled down the blanket covering the large south window, since just by walking past I could feel heat radiate and even the dark blue fabric could not stop the sun from streaming in.

The sun and the heat and the light came in, and I basked in it, face upturned. My pale Canadian skin soaked it up, and just for a moment I thought maybe my neighbour might really think me crazy if I stood there stripped down.

February is so long for a short month, so dark and so cold. But this year we’ll be going to Texas in early March, a reward for hanging on, and while I am there I will worship the sun as much as possible.

Of irons and vikings

I don’t think I mentioned I bought a new iron. It shuts itself off for starters. It has a digital readout. It costs about as much as I have spent on irons in my entire marriage – which might sound like a lot but really isn’t. Tip: yard sale irons are not much good. Neither are cheap $20 ones, if you do a lot of sewing.

Looking over my last post, I just realized how else I could have done that corner design and it would have been much easier. Duh on my for not getting it the first time.

I stopped by the quilt shop and picked up the other follow the line design book they had and a 1×12 ruler for small cuts, which I have been wishing for but onyl while I was in my sewing room making small cuts.

We also went to the library to hear our friend Kate give a talk about Vikings. I tweeted what we were doing, and one of my followers thought it was really funny – since he is in Norway and technically a Viking. Tho I’m not sure how much he goes out berserking.

Saturdays are turning into my “bless my household” days, where I try and catch up on house work, do extra baking, send time with the kids and do less work than usual. Sometimes I don’t even check my laptop for a couple hours.

My two bffs both observe Saturday as the Sabbath, and I miss them from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. 😀