Skipping class

Quilt guild is tonight and I hemmed and hawed about the roads then decided not to go. Then it got nicer but by that point I was set on staying home anyway. 😛

I finished all 6 baby quilt tops I mentioned last entry, with my headphones blasting. Do you think the other old ladies at the guild listen to rappers or Beyonce? I’m thinking maybe only a couple.

Today is also my WordPress birthday. I installed it 7 years ago exactly. And as my friend Sherry says “AND in that time you’ve totally made it your bitch too! :D”

I heart her.


Also this weekend I booked a couple of flights, which I absolutely loathe doing. they were getting filled up as I was booking them, so I would have to keep picking new flights. Ron and I will be going to Austin Texas for part of South By SouthWest. We have to go to parties held by our employer, and this year it’s on a house boat.

It’s a rough life.


Most of my decorations are down and put away and the tree is finally bare too. Note the decorations themselves, while in boxes, are not put away yet.


Work was not totally crazy. I even had time to work on some backlog of stuff.