Trip to town

Meaghan & I went to Fredericton today. We left early enough for us, before 10am. I did a round of forums support before we left. It was bitterly cold, -25C with the wind chill in some areas and I had to wash my hair before I left. Ron suggested I just dry it in front of the pellet stove. Works like a charm!

I forgot to eat breakfast, so when we got to Sarah’s we went in and I ate the lunch I brought. It was 11;30 anyway. I had one package of the Recipe to Riches Slow & Low pork. I only bought it because it was on sale for $5. No way I;d pay regular price – the whole box would feed 2 people and the box had a LOT of wasted space. :-/

We went a few blocks downtown, parked and walked to Yarns on York. Oh my yummy yarn. I don’t knit because I cannot stand the feel of yarn on my fingers. The clerk suggested maybe I was using cheap yarn (probably) but I also pointed out I don;t even like hand lotion for the same reason. *shivers*

Sarah suggested we go to this new spot – Pretty Little Freaks which sells retro stuff. OMG gorgeous. They had some steampunk heels my bff Rebecca would totally die for.

Then we went over to A & K’s house where I distributed the chocolate we got from England (thank you very much) and gave them 2 casserole dishes I had cleaned out the night before. Seems I have way too many and the ones I got for Christmas would not fit in the cupboard and are much nicer and more useful anyway. (some smaller one person and two person sizing).

Izzy was adorable as usual – she did eventually give me kisses. 😀 She was wearing her sleeper with rubber boots.

we hit the mall after that. Gahhhhhh… too many stores for absurdly skinny people. I was tweeting the whole time too so Ron would not worry e were in a ditch somewhere. Also? La Senza seems to have tarted right up. I told Sarah the only thing missing was the sex toy section. “They’e in the secret room at the back,” she said. I think she was joking.

After that, Michael’s where Meaghan picked up an armload of yarn. Sarah & I were pretty tired by then. We dropped her off then we went home. That was pretty much my day.

Work since then. I got home in time to put some supper in the oven.

Now I know where I get my intense dislike of lotion from. Cool. *fistbump*