if i could think of a title there would be one here

What have a I done lately other than work / eat / sleep? And even then the sleep part has gone badly… Its too hot or too cold or too whatever. Or my lungs have started to fill, just enough to be irritating and keep either me up or Ron up or both. If I take non drowsy allergy meds (and I have tried a few different ones at this point) they fix the lung issue, but render me unconscious for a few hours, then spacey when I wake up. Like, accidentally burn things spacey because I forget I’m cooking dinner in the middle of cooking dinner.

I did try a half a pill and that helps with the spacey, still knocks me out a bit and only marginally helps with the allergic reaction I got going on in the lungs department.

(and all that by ron using the vacuum cleaner. the second time I stayed at the other end of the house for a good 2 hours)

Anyway. I made myself not cut out any more quilts. Oh SURE I have plenty planned, but I am not to sew together more from the huge pile I have waiting to be pieced until I quilt the two.. no three…oh wait, four that need to be quilted immediately. Meaghan’s quilt is half done now the one I was making for her birthday back in November. I have 2 top secret projects I am also working on.

I started these diamonds with my walking foot, but there was too much turning back and forth and even around, so I switched to my free motion foot with the stitch regulator. I love that thing, even when I think it’s going to sew right through me. Halfway done the top, then a curvy border. We already found a nice grey on grey floral for binding, just to frame all that white.

I picked up a nice piece for the back of Kaytlyn’s quilt. the local shop has some extra wide quilt backing fabric and had done up some precut bundles. Somehow the width did not click in my head and I have enough to back her quilt TWICE. But it’s not like I won’t need the extra somewhere else. 😉

My nose is cold, my laundry pile is high, the boxes of decorations are still out, and I am still working on that whole balance thing. My brain has ramped up into the not shutting up part as well, so that’s not helping with the whole falling asleep and staying asleep situation. Either that, or my age is catching up to me.

Oh, got a haircut. nice and short. Why do I always wait so log? I’m going to dye it blonde again, and I was thinking of getting pink in it but now I’m leaning towards a nice shock of mermaid turquoise right in the front. Just because I can.