Of irons and vikings

I don’t think I mentioned I bought a new iron. It shuts itself off for starters. It has a digital readout. It costs about as much as I have spent on irons in my entire marriage – which might sound like a lot but really isn’t. Tip: yard sale irons are not much good. Neither are cheap $20 ones, if you do a lot of sewing.

Looking over my last post, I just realized how else I could have done that corner design and it would have been much easier. Duh on my for not getting it the first time.

I stopped by the quilt shop and picked up the other follow the line design book they had and a 1×12 ruler for small cuts, which I have been wishing for but onyl while I was in my sewing room making small cuts.

We also went to the library to hear our friend Kate give a talk about Vikings. I tweeted what we were doing, and one of my followers thought it was really funny – since he is in Norway and technically a Viking. Tho I’m not sure how much he goes out berserking.

Saturdays are turning into my “bless my household” days, where I try and catch up on house work, do extra baking, send time with the kids and do less work than usual. Sometimes I don’t even check my laptop for a couple hours.

My two bffs both observe Saturday as the Sabbath, and I miss them from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. 😀