I got hired because of my work ethic

Friday afternoons I try and take off. This involves not checking on things constantly, but instead a few hours apart.

When I have my afternoon “off”, I like to go quilt. Sometimes I go to our local quilt shop, but it was snomageddon outside, and if I was going I really should have gotton groceries instead. So. I went to my room of my own and sewed.

I made this:

StudioPress quilt block

Nice, isn’t it? Now go look at the logo of the company I work for.

I think I might like my job a wee bit too much. Is that possible?

The first time I tried to explain my job in a nutshell (other than “I do customer support & documentation”) I told the person I did the same things I was doing before, except now someone pays me to do it and I can still do it at home in my pyjamas.

While I was saying that, it occurred to me how lucky I am and I said so, all astonished-like. The person said, “Yes, yes you are.”