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Yard sale scones

I’m sitting here in my front porch sunroom with my laptop table and the door open. Stupid blackflies… it’s yard sale season, the weather is gorgeous and it’s a long weekend here in Canada.

This time for our yard sale we took a good hard look at some of the furniture peices we had and put a whole pile out in the yard. A good amount is gone but I’d still like to see some of the smaller items go.

There’s also the toys and books we cleaned out (tho Meaghan is still cleaning out toyd) and the boxes of both Meaghan and Sarah’s stuff they had here and there. And extra dishes. And random stuff. And things from boxes you finally went through that went unpacked from the last move.

I cleaned out a lot of my book when I realized we had so many we’d have to buy a new bookcase, plus there were so many we mostly just looked up stuff online because we couldn’t remember if we had a book on the subject or not.

Also? Turns out when you’re done to one last kid, all the extra homeschooling stuff (or anything loosely related to anything educational by any extension) that I have kept “just in case” get crystal clear when you’re down to one kid with specific interests. It’s also become crystal clear than when we *do* take up an interest, as a family, we tend to go overboard and buy a whole pile of resources anyway. This may or may not be related to the difficulties in finding what we have on hand… Hmm.

So. Here I sit.

Ron is being house husband too, since we got up at 6:30am. While I’ve been dealing with the occasional shopper, he’s been tidying up and even made scones for us. They were pretty yummy and he only had to ask a couple questions about how I follow (or not follow) the actual recipe.


OMG the funniest thing happened. I had the big huge wicker chair for sale – a homemade one from .. twigs, basically. I just sold it to a lady, who called her husband to see if he could come get it with his truck. Not five minutes later, a guy pulls up in a truck, hops out and heads straight for it. So of course, I assumed it was this lady’s husband. He siad his wife saw the chair and asked him to come back and get it.

Good thing the first lady who paid for it was still here, because i turned around and yelled, “This your husband?”

“What? NO!”

I turned to him and said “Sorry, that lady beat you to it!”

We had a good laugh. Her companion siad, Can you imagine? You’d be at home yelling at your husband asking where the chair went he picked up!”

Kinda felt bad for the other guy though. Ron thought it wouldn’t sell and here I could have sold it twice.

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